Which Scadden boat is best?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by theregulator, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. I am looking at buying a Dave Scadden boat, and I was wondering what you guys think about the madson river, skykomish sunrise, and the northwest express. Are the differences significant? I don't think Cabelas carries the NW express. Also, specifically on the skykomish sunrise, it is now offered in a longer thinner pontoon design, and a different pontoon material that has a lifetime warranty. Does anyone have one of the new style?
  2. :thumb:I've a Sky with the low end bladders, 16" x 10'-6" long. Urethane bladders inside a zippered case. 10 year warranty. The upgrade bladders are lifetime warranty, all frames are heavy wall stainless with good welds,"lifetime" warranty. I was an Ironworker for 25 years, a pretty weld means little, good (deep) penetration with closed ends is critical. I've seen lot's of "pretty" welds that don't penetrate 1/16" into the material.as far as the warranty, it's good for as long as Dave's in business, as any are. I have no issues with them, tough casing, one year old. Bought it direct from NFO for Cabelas' price, but I got the X7 frame-blue powdercoat, better leg rests, bigger standing platform. I like the unit, for the price. it's not a Steelheader, but it's 1/2 the cost. Buy what you can afford. I had some issues at first, broken weld on standing platform support, but NFO was "spot on" to take care of them. Call Dave-He'll answer the phone, keep trying, he's busy. He will take care of any issues. These are well engineered boats and good value, in my humble opinion. Call NFO and deal with them, they will deal. They have had issues with dealers that have hurt his reputation, a result of trying to grow too fast, IMHO. Fishing tackle's a tough business and I'd not like to have to make a living at it. Anyone can have problems, it's how you take care of them that separates the men from the others.As to what model to get, that's up to your particular circumstances & needs/desires. Like to know what size the new bladders are. Enjoy whatever you get!
  3. Just a note to mention that all the Dave Scadden boat frames are made of T6061 aluminium tubing. On some models the foot rests are stainless steel tubing. The rear decks and I believe the standing platforms are also all aluminum as is the lean bar.
  4. I expect I will be doing mostly lake fishig, although I would like to have the ability to run class III's if I want to. I am interested in the NW express and if it is any better than the skykomish?
  5. Have you come to a decision? I've never seen an Express, other than on Scadden's DVD.

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