Which Skagit Cheater for TFO 14' 9 weight and 9/10/11 Windcutter?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by bconrad, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. bconrad

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    Does anyone know which cheater works best with this setup?
  2. Red Shed

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    If you are using the whole WC you do not need a skagit cheater.

    If you have removed the center section "tip 2" you can use a cheater "to dial in" if you desire a little more weight over just the belly and "tip 1". Only some test drives will tell you which cheater (5' or 10' ) is "right for you".

    I would pick the 9/10/11 cheaters if the above paragraph is the case. The 9/10/11-5' cheater weighs 80grns while the 9/10/11-10' cheater weighs 156grns.
  3. bconrad

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    So I can create a skagit line out of my windcutter just by removing tip 2? It seems to me like there wouldn't be enough grain weight to load the rod. My understanding is that the cheaters were to replace the weight of the tip 2, just in a much shorter length of line.
  4. Red Shed

    Red Shed "junkyard spey"

    You can create a skagit line out of your WC by removing tip 2 but it may or maynot be the right weight for your rod depending on your casting ability, style, and personal preference. The cheaters can also be used to dial your Skagit line into the 3 to 3.5 rod length concept of skagit casting.
    For what it's worth, Tip 2 (15') of your 9/10/11 WC weighs 177grns according to Rio's specs. The 10' cheater for a 10/11/12 line weighs 173grns so that will do what you want and shorten your line 5'. All Rio grain weight specs are +/- 5%.

    Here is something Ed Ward posted on Spey Pages a couple years ago. I believe this is the original idea behind the cheater concept although I don't know who the originator of this thinking belonged to.

    "Here is the simplest way to make a head that works well for Skagit casting. "Test" cast your rod with several sizes of Windcutters. Find the size that seems to load the rod the best, then GO UP to the next size Windcutter. From this line remove 5' from the front portion of the Tip 2. Go out and cast. If it feels too heavy, remove another foot. Continue this process until the line suits your needs. As long as the line does not get chopped back under three times the length of the rod, then you will be good to go. The max length that works is 3 1/2 times the length of the rod."
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    That makes sense. My 3x-3.5x window is 42 to 49 feet, and the 9/10/11 WC without the tip 2 has a 40 foot head, so I'm hoping the 5 foot cheater will get me in the neighborhood, even though the total head weight will be lighter. I think the 9/10/11 is a little heavy for this rod anyways, as my casting improves.

    I picked up some cheaters, so I'll play around with them this weekend, and post the results. Either way, I appreciate your help. You've gained a future customer.