Which vest for chukars ?

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Leroy Laviolet, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Nice...let's go break it in! I can honestly say I carried all that you've listed plus a full first aid kit, food, and a lite weight rain coat and did not feel as if I had anything on my back until I got to the car and dug out my keys!

    Only problem...I take this pack whenever I go hunting and my brother-in-law or his father utilize the fact that I have it and make me carry their kill...oh well.
  2. well quit appeasing the wife and lets go ;) how'd that siding treat you this weekend?
  3. I'm ready to surrender...I don't ever want to touch another piece of sheet metal in my life!
    I'll see what I can do...
  4. Andrew - have Lynn hook you up with a Customer Appreciation For. Your wife can by hre brother a pack for Christmas. Give her the form, she'll score a deal, won't have to shop, and you'll be a hero.

    Lynn can be reached at lynn@mothertech.net. I am out hunting in E WA at an undisclosed location were clouds of Pheasant and Quail darken the skies like locust.
  5. Hey Marty, I'm heading east on Friday morning...where you at?
  6. Marty...I know Lynn well (purely business of course a few emails and phone calls :clown:)...I've actually have purchased (4) packs, ironically two packs have been for my my wife's brother...I got him the assualt pack a few years ago after I bought my day pack, and then just recently took advantage of the "repeat client" deal after I purchased the turkey light pack.

    So I think my only option is for "peace talks"...that and maybe a few square feet of siding on the house!
  7. My Pella Bird-n-Lite has been a great pack. I have noticed that a lot of pack are Nylon, cordura, etc. This one is canvas, with a coated nylon game pouch. Mainly I just don't like the extra noise of nylon hunting chukar. My Brittany's learned to drink from pop-top water bottles and the Pella has two side water bottle carriers that fit bottle really well, very secure. It has plenty of room for some snacks, a jackets, doggie first-aid kit and extra water in the back outside pouch. Definitely a good design in my opinion since I mainly hunt the Owyhee's and a single loop may take most of the day.
    My .................02

  8. Simms Vertical Master - for those high flying birds.:rofl:
  9. I guess I'm really getting old, But all you need is water for your dog(s), a pocket to put your shells in and the bag from Safeway that you bought microbrew. I hope you fill it!
  10. Yeah - but you still have to carry all of the stuff. Yesterday I covered 14 miles and gained 2,000 feet. It sure is a lot more enjoyable with gear that works.
  11. damn Marty... what are you hunting? i expect a full report at somepoint.
  12. Scouting new areas. I limited on Pheasant in under thirty minutes today, right before sunset, but that was after five hours of working to find the honey hole.
  13. You guys make a good point, after carrying all the stuff you bring along for chukar hunting, plus significant elevation gain and loss, having a comfortable pack means a lot. I'm going to have to look into Mother packs.

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