Which vise to buy? Choices, choices, choices.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by fredaevans, May 11, 2006.

  1. fredaevans Active Member

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    Ran into the above link (of all places) on a UK fly fishing board. Excellent comparison of vises from as low $80.00 to $600.00. One of the last 'links' within the site then does a 'price point' comparison.:cool:
  2. Les Johnson Les Johnson

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    Take a look at the Griffin Odyssey or Montana Mongoose. I've used both and they are great values. They will securely hold hooks from 22 to 4/0.
    Les Johnson
  3. Randy Diefert aka: Longears

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    I agree that the Griffin Oddesy Cam is a great value for the money. It happens to be one of my backup /travel vises. What ever vise you choose to get ; Buy the best that you can afford and I wouldn't go back after tying with a full rotary vise. My other vises are A Renzetti Master w/a Ausable speed crank attachment (Expensive) and a Norvise (Med) and a Griffin.
    I like the customer service that comes with the griffin and the Norvise better though.
  4. Don Stracener New Member

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    There are a lot of choices, that is a given.

    I get along real well with the Nor Vise. Once I got past the learning curve everything fell into place. On some flies I just put on the fine point jaw and use it as a standard rotary vise.

    The support from Norm has been very good.
  5. MauiJim ka lawai'a

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    I really like the Peak vise- a friend has it, and it's a very solid tool. Not as much 'bling' factor, but the pedestal is heavy, and it really holds the hook well. Nice price too...
  6. Ringlee Doesn't care how you fish Moderator

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    NorVise is an awesome vise. I have had mine for a few years and would never trade it for anything!
  7. Charapa New Member

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    Peak here too....nice price & solid feel. Try before you buy.
  8. toddsbernina New Member

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    I've been tying on a cheap vice for a few years now and dont have too many complaints. Is there really a difference in the way a fly will turn out if its tied on a $30 vice comparred to a $150 vice?
  9. Don Stracener New Member

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    Really the vise isn't going to make your flies better..or maybe it will...

    It will (if it's the right one) help you tie faster, and in the case of a rotary it will eaiser to tie and maybe a little better after you learn how to use it.

    It may offer some options that the cheap vise doesn't have. These options would make your flies eaiser to tie and better quality.

    I must have tied 1000 flies on the vise that came with my first kit. Now I have 5 vises. I use the Nor Vise 95% of the time and a Renzetti knock off the other 5%. The better vise holds better, adjusts eaiser and just makes tying more fun.
  10. Preston Active Member

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    True words, indeed! In spite of the fact that, as product review editor for F&TJ, I could have almost any vise I want, have tried most of those that are out there and have more vises than I know what to do with, I find myself tying a lot of the time (even at home) on an inexpensive ($100) Dyna-King Kingfisher. It's become my travel vise because it's a simple, uncomplicated piece of equipment with a sufficiently-heavy pedestal base and a set of jaws that that holds the hook securely in place. What more, really, could you ask?
  11. Hywel New Member

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    I own (and will use on occasion) a Dyna King Signature, an Abel Supreme, a Griffin Mongoose, a Dan-vise, a Marryat MP Vise, an HMH Tube Fly Vise, and a NorVise.

    95% of my flies tied (on irons) are tied on the NorVise.

    After much thought and careful consideration, and reading magazine reviews and hundreds of banal Internet posts on 'which vise to buy', I've determined that the very best vise is the vise that you choose to use.

  12. troutman101 Member

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    I've tied on a Thompson "A" for my entire life. Although the older ones were not as good, the last one I bought kicks butt! I really like the Renzetti Traveler though. Probably worth it if I didn't already own the A.
  13. Minx New Member

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    Apex Anvil for me...second vise, first was a Cabella's kit. Holds well & allows me to dabble in the mystical world of rotatary tying....chuck
  14. mdjm66 Member

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    I did a fair amount of research and I ended up with a renzetti traveller.

    So far, I am quite happy with it, the best part is the hook not slipping out of the jaws, which my knock off regal had the tendancy to do. Easy to travel to our local tying nights with as well.

  15. Happy Gilmore New Member

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    Didn't see any mention of the Dan Vise. I've enjoyed mine for 2 or 3 yrs now tying mostly larger saltwater hooks. Can't pull the hook out of these jaws I've found. ~$100 including the $20 big base which I like, and rotary setups quite fun. My father tried mine and got himself one as well a few months ago.
  16. Mike Etgen Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here

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    I'll cast my lot with the DanVise also. It was my first vise when I started tying about three years ago. Having spent a few hours at a clinic and coming away convinced this was something I wanted to do, I felt it made sense to invest in a rotary right off and yet didn't feel as a beginner that I needed to spend over $100.00. Even at full retail (purchased from the shop that provided the clinics for several weeks at no charge) the DanVise answered my needs then and I have never had any cause to upgrade. I think it represents a geat choice for the "serious beginner" and it will quite likely meet one's tying expectations for a long, long time.
  17. fredaevans Active Member

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    Interesting you should bring up the Dan Vise. The folks over in the UK think very highly of this bit 'o kit. Had to laugh (to my self) this morning; talking to the wife-type up in Portland (she's visiting her Dad). My birthday/wedding anniversery is coming up at months end (her birthday is mid June) and told her not to get me anything as I just picked up my new Gary Anderson 13-9 seven weight spey rod (A THING OF BEAUTY!!! and a true joy to cast:thumb: ).

    She then proceeds to tell me that "Oh, don't get me anything too." "Ok, what did you get?" "I bought the I-Pod I wanted (there went my anniversery gift:beathead: ) and I'm looking at a new Sony Dig. camera for my trip to Scandanavia."(sp?) "Which one?" Google same as I was sitting in front of my PC when she called.

    Girls got good taste. Looks like a hell of a bit of kit!

    Sooo ... that new vise I was thinking about (as on back burner) just got the heat turned up under it.;)
  18. TallFlyGuy Adipossessed!

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    My vote goes to the Norvise as well. I love mine, especially for the tube flies. Nothing I've seen can come close for tube flies. Seems like I am seeing more and more tyers switching to this vise all the time. I am also seeing more pictures of them in the magazines from people using them and tying on them than before.

    Hats off to Norm and his invention.

  19. fredaevans Active Member

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    Did a bit of E-baying on the Dan Vise; found a seller who had two new ones listed. Appears this fellow runs a limited 'fly shop' out of his house via e bay. Sent him a e mail stating I had a couple of question on the vise and could I have a phone number?

    Buzzed him this morning and had a nice chat; said I'd buy the vise and an extention arm. 'Have to go through e bay to keep them happy.' No problem on my end. Pull up the auction and see the top bid is twenty five cents less than the 'buy it now' price. Some "other buyer" is going to be really ticked :mad: when he sees he missed out for a quarter.:thumb:
  20. King Wind Knot Rebel, Truth Seeker

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    For you folks tying w/ a nor vise, how much of a learning curve are we talking about? Is this a week and you can tie alright or like a month? Also, how much does it suck to have to re-spool your bobbins. After 3 or 4 years of tying, I'm just now getting set up with lots of good tools, etc and feeling like I know what I'm doing. How much of my skill and my tools are down the drain if I were to switch over? Also, I assume the vise itself is just the start of the investment, am I right?