Which vise to buy? Choices, choices, choices.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by fredaevans, May 11, 2006.

  1. I'm sure this would be different for everyone. For me it took maybe two weeks. (must be slow). It was worth it cause last night I knocked off 13 streamers in just over an hour. (maybe that's slow?)


    This has been no big deal. Once it's spooled up it lasts a long time. The bobbin works great, I wouldn't tie without it unless I had no choice.

    You don't lose anything you used to do, you just learn newer ways to do things. The vise ships with a good DVD to show you how to use the vise. All your tools still work fine. Use the standard bobbins for spooling floss or super fine klickhammer thread.

    I have the vise, the light (thats a great option), the fine point jaw and the tube jaw. Using the fine point I tighten the tension and use it like a standard rotary. The tube vise is great! I did make two extensions for tying tubes with the jointed plastic on. Once that was done I found there wasn't much else I needed for tying anything. I must admit I don't tie flies on hooks bigger than 4/0 so I have no need for the large jaw.

    Hope all that helps.
  2. Fred et. al., FWIW, for my Dan Vise purchase and then my father's a couple years later we both bought from:

    "Julie & Brian Johnston" <bjj@pwless.net>
    Julie & Brian Johnston
    J & J Flies
    1111 Station Road
    Stacyville, Maine 04777

    They do sell on ebay but will close off ebay and were friendly in shipping appropriately to us here in Canada.

    I'm curious on the extension arm, I haven't found need of it tying up to 1/0 but some things you learn to like once you have them.....hmmmm, let me know how you like it Fred!
  3. I own a Dan Vise and a Nor Vise. I love both of them. The learning curve on the Nor-Vise is short, and involves (chime in if you feel differently, fellow Nor-Vise owners) the tail - most anvils hold the hook at an angle, but since the Nor-Vise is a true rotary, the anvil is horizontal, and it takes a bit more dexterity to put on tails, at least for small flies. Frankly, that is MORE than made up by the advantages.
  4. For small flies, go to the Nor Vise web site and look at the fine point jaws conversion. It still retains the rotary function but the rear of the fly is free to tie tails. I find that I am using that jaw more than the horizontal, even on larger flies.
  5. Yeah, I saw that, but the jaws cost more than I spent on my Dan-Vise! Those little jaws work well, as I saw at the Bellevue show this Feb.
  6. I tied comercialy for 17 years on my Regal vise and have now logged another 10 on top of that.I have probably tied close to 1 million flies by now.I have never seen a finer or simpler vise made and have tried many over the years.Hands down,my vote goes to the Regal.If your on a budget the Regal inex is just as good,just not moveable.

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