which vise to buy?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jason Decker, Nov 5, 2006.

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    The advice I liked the best came from Preston--that a vise with good hook-holding power is the way to go. That makes a lot of sense. Perhaps a vise that utilizes a cam or lever lock device for the jaws would be the way to go. You can get good leverage with that feature. The ones that have a finger screw that tightens the jaws aren't that great, because sometimes they are difficult to loosen. Additionally, if you don't have good finger strength, don't figure on being able to get the vise jaw real tight in the first place.

    However, I can't fully agree with his take on the full-rotary feature. Now, I'm no Harry Lemire, so I find myself really liking the fact that my vise (EZ-Vise or some dumb name like that...) does have the elbow arm and is full rotary. Those two features really do help with my tying. A vise that brings the shank of the hook as close as possible to the axis of rotation does the tyer a big favor. Having consistant pressure while palmering on fragile materials helps reduce breakage. This is a big deal when tying on something like peacock herl.

    If you can find a vise with lever-lock jaws and elbow-arm and is full-rotary for under $100, you are looking at a very good value. And let me know, too! I might end up upgrading in the near future.
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    The best you can afford....I have a Peak & HMH std. Both very nice & well made.
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    This thread could go on forever, why?

    Because anyone that shells out a bunch of cash for a good vise that holds the hook well will be happy and defend that vise! There are a lot of good vise's out there. Maybe the best idea is to check your budget, look at what people aren't complaining about and roll the dice.

    Maybe you don't think you need a full rotary vise, but if there's a good one in your range buy it. Start out using it like a non-rotary knowing someday you may need that feature.

    If you haven't bought one yet, save a little extra and buy one a level or two above what you had planned it will be with you a long time.