Whidbey Island 9/3/2010

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jon Brengan, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Just got back from a fishing adventure, fished two beaches off Whidbey today with some promising results, no fish to hand, but I got a couple follows and one bump early on. Also saw some nice jumpers, two in close, both fish went easily 6-10 lbs. (I know that a range but I can't say for sure). Other jumpers were off shore probably 75-100 yards. Not much bait around at either spot though, would've liked to seen those diving gulls. No wind this morning but by 12:30 it started to blow and so did the fishing. Maybe they're coming?
  2. I fished this afternoon's high tide at Bush for 3 hours. Saw a couple fish the size of KINGS surface in close, that was it. Lots of baitfish in the bay. Look forward to tomorrow's low morning tide.

    Did hear of a couple coho landed at Lagoon Pt today.
  3. JB:
    I spent a couple of hours yesterday during the high ebb at a beach to the south of you. Nothing showing or tugging except the occasional BH. A very nice day to be out though.

    John P.
  4. Fished this morning from 6:30 to 11:30 AM at Bush Pt. - Low tide. I did see a few coho early in the day, in close, but no luck for me or any of the beach fishermen. Moved to a different beach at Bush, near the point, and the water looked great, bait fish right in close to shore - no fish.

    Very nice morning with the perfect breeze. My first time out with this Outbound clear intermediate line. starting to get the hang of it, but no 100' casts for me.

  5. Fished twice today - Low tide and evening high. No fish. The beach I was fishing, one guy played a fish and lost it early this morning. That was the total sum of the beach action for the day.

    Tonight I fished Miyawaki poppers and the water set up so nice, thought for sure I was going to find a fish. Had a friend fishing down the beach from me throwing herring under float. We had the beached covered and fished as close to the point (Bush) as we could get away with.

    Lots of bait, lots of birds, 1 baby seal, and one friggin' huge sea lion.

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