Whidbey Island ?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ghflyflinger, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. I have just gotten some confidence with myself and the south sound beaches and now i have to move to oak harbor for work here in the next week or so and have no knowledge about the beaches on whidbey and what they have to offer. Just wondering if anyone has any input on what can be expected on hitting the beaches and if it is worth it or should i seek opportunities elsewhere. I have heard it there are a few beaches that can be good for steelies in the salt but other than that i am pretty much clueless. Any info helps.

  2. the same beaches that are good for steel in the salt are great for salmon in the summer and fall when open. the beaches on the east side in skagit bay are ok for cutthroat from april-julyish. You will occasionally catch a bull trout on those same beaches, but they are closed to targeting, and must be released if incidentally caught. There are also numerous rockfish and lingcod opportunities in the deeper more exposed waters and in kelp beds on the west side.

  3. Jake, PM me when you get settled in over here. I can give you a few places to try.
  4. Thanks guys I appreciate the help. Steve I will be getting up there this weekend so i will drop you a line then.

  5. At the present time, the Skagit River is dumping so much mud into Skagit Bay that visibility all the way up to Deception Pass is around one foot. I haven't seen that much dirty water in the bay since the blowout event on the Suiattle turned the Skagit to canned milk a couple of years ago. Hopefully colder nights and dropping river levels will clear it up soon.
  6. It was the same deal from everett marina down to shipwreck the other day. 1 ft or less. :beathead:
  7. Anyone fish the Utsalady area on Camano island for the outbound SRC from the south fork of the S river ? My nephew has a nice beach house with a pebble beach.


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