Whidbey Lakes - any recent reports?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by GJCyclingNut, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. GJCyclingNut

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    If anyone has fished Pass or Lone Lake in the past week - do tell. I assume Lone Lake is probably a bit warm, but maybe it is fishing fine. Would appreciate any insights before making the trek.
  2. nwtroutguy

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    Hey there,

    I camped with my wife last wekend at Deception pass State Park and we fished Pass on Saturday late day inot the evening. She started out with three right off the back with a black leech pattern on an intermediate line in the bay. I did didly squat until just before and at dark with a streamer pattern for the big boys. The big fish will come out at dusk looking for forage fish, but you will have to move around a little to find them. I would move along and cast into shore with a larger streamer pattern where there is structure. I drew a nice brown out of his lair, but did not hook up/ It seems to be little different this year because midges have been so prolific and I think they have been gorging themselves on those.And watch out for the eagles. they have been coming doen to steal the fish. So, just get it in and make sure it is revivied before letting it go.

    Hope this helps. Any questions.....ask away.
  3. Jeff Dodd

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    I've decided Lone is to warm for trout fishing and have not fished it for a few weeks. Easy to do with salt turning on.

    Tonight I saw several water boatmen flying around lone lake. Fish were jumping in a very specific location. Wonder what was...would love to have fished this water with foam boatman pattern on a fast sinking line.