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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by bhudda, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. bhudda heffe'

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    ive been fishing the beaches with my friend out of the boat:) pass couple weeks and catching some huge src's . today was a mix of blackmouth and coho with 2 cutts, 10 total to hand, all on shock and awe's, various colors on a sink tip. after 3 quick hook ups and ldr's my friend who throws gear said he wants one, so we did a split shot with s@a trailing about 36 in back.....deadly. had a killer veiw off the moon coming up over mukilteo, ended the night sweet! BIG SMILES. cooked my coho, just burbed, yum
  2. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    i want a boat. i'm about to throw my pontoon out there and hope i don't get carried away
  3. Ron Crawford ===

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    I want a boat too. Getting access to beaches jailed by private land would be reason enough. Maybe one of those small aluminum boats with a 20HP outboard. How strong can the tides be .... I always wanted to see Victoria anyway :)
  4. SeaRun Fanatic Member

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    I fish an old 14 ft Lund with a 15hp 2-stroke, and it is perfect. Small enough to beach and drag back to water if you forget the outgoing tide (not that this has ever happened to me:rofl:), big enough for most days in Puget Sound's mostly protected water. Launchable anywhere with beach wheels. A tad small for two to cast from, but certainly do-able. Any bigger would not be nearly as versatile. My .02
  5. salt dog card shark

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    Summer time, and the fishing is sweet and sometimes easy. Well done Brutha.
  6. bhudda heffe'

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    thanks DOG! update!!! the stomach contents were all krill, shrimpy lil guys, no baitfish. thats all.
  7. salt dog card shark

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    Would not have expected that. Good info.
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    I visited Lagoon Point and Bush Point on Wednesday. I was hoping to work the two hours before high tide at Bush Pt but was appalled at the line of people along the beach. My guess was that they extended about 3/4 of a mile to the north. Buzz Bomb alley. I bailed--mostly because of the lack of backcast room. :beathead:

    I only saw one fly angler. He had a small aluminum skiff, so he had his own water staked out. I gave him two of my fushia Comets, explaining that, if I couldn't fish, at least my flies might get a shot at it. :thumb:

    I ended up zipping over to Lone Lake to cast from shore. Surprisingly, I C&R'd a plump 'bow that was around 15". That close to shore in the shallows? I think it must have swallowed one of the many tiny bass that were in the shallows. I was using a #10 olive Six-Pack. The things a person does to dodge a skunk... :hmmm:
  9. Willie Bodger Still, nothing clever to say...

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    I've talked with folks that have hauled in lunkers from the boat launch there at Lone... The best I've done is around 16" at the launch.