Whip Finish Incapable

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by freestoneangler, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Who needs a stinkin tool!
  2. Well.... if a person can chew gum and wave a fly rod at the same time, they should be able to use a whip finisher.

    But if the person is winding the thread in the opposite direction it doesn't matter how much gum they can chew. It's about impossible.
  3. Have you heard the one about the tourist in New York City who approached a New York City Policeman and asked "how do I get to Carnegie Hall"? The Officer answered, "Practice, practice, practice."
  4. Youtube. their are some great videos on there and very easy to learn. (that whip finish tool in the video is very big)
    good luck
  5. Excellent and so simple. The problem is that he is winding his thread the wrong way...what's with that? :eek:

    Honestly, one of the reasons I simply use a simple half-hitch is that I find it easier to lock down my last turn while also keeping hackle fibers and or deer hair from getting loose. I have used that same tool and can make it work, but it just seems awkward to me. So, it finds itself at the bottom of some box rarely seeing the light of day.
  6. I use four different types of whip finishers for different situations. Matarelli for most flies, large matarelli for flies with bead heads, thompson on hackled flies, and tiemco on a few patterns. They all take practice and a good teacher to learn how to use.

    Keep at it. I think it makes a difference and you'll notice that your flies are more durable.
  7. Being an old tier I'm with dryflylarry - who cares!

    Just another tool to look for and loose under all the other crap on my tying table. Its hard enough finding my needle for glue half the time. I say just tie flies that work so you don't have to tie 100 flies or need to speed tie and need a whip finish tool. By the time I pick up another tool and get it ready for the whip I could be done with half hitches. Besides I now half hitch at the back and middle of the hook or before putting more material on like wings or bead heads and the such. MY knot tool is letting my forefinger and thumb nail grow. Its hard to teach old dogs new tricks but impossible if they don't want to learn in the first place.

    Some of the new stuff is great, some of it I just don't need to "BUY" into. like having to buy a 14 ft. rod for steelheading, new huge reel, and 150 ft. lines. don't need no freaking whip finish tool either! been catching fish with half hitched flies for 40 years and plan to for another 20 IF I live that long!
  8. All you need to do is the mirror image of that and reverse turn and you will be done.
  9. That's what I do too. Though I used the whip finish tool for years, I finally figured out that it was easier to do just what Sg said.

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