White Akroyd Dee

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Trevor, May 5, 2005.

  1. My first Dee attempt... Sorry it's a bit out of focus...
    Alec Jackson 1.5 blind-eye hook
    Dacron "gut" loop
    Tail - Yellow topping and jungle cock
    butt - black ostrich
    body 1 - yellow and orange dubbing
    rib - Silver oval
    hackle - yellow saddle hackle
    mid divider - black ostrich
    body 2 - black dubbing
    rib - gold oval
    hackle - Black BEP
    throat - gadwall
    cheeks - jungle cock
    wings - Goose
  2. Awsome Job Trevor. . . . :thumb:
  3. Your first attempt?! Lookout!
    This is a fine example of why the Akroyd is perhaps the most vivid and imitated of the Dee flies. (Notice that it's, in effect, a G. B. Skunk that's been to finishing school.)
    The jungle cock used in the tail is an eye-catching variation. The black ostrich butt divider is wasted, as it's indistinguishable from the black dubbing. Ostrich herl butts stand out best next to thin floss or tinsel bodies.
  4. Actually Nooksack Mac, wouldn't the GBS be just the "laid back Ackroyd" since the Ackroyd was around first? :D ;)

    I think the joint (aka divider of ostrich) is more there to hide the transition between the two. Usually you'll get a buildup there (except those who spend alot of time just tying display/competition flies), so they use the joint to make a more "pleasing" transition.

    The ackroyd has always been one of my favorites of the spey/dee flies. I've done quite a few variations (on tubes, waddingtons, and flyhooks). What I love about flytying, you can really experiment. Even on old patterns like this.

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