White for the Bulls!

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Thomas Mitchell, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Fishing some S-Rivers this year, I'm going to actually fish for Bulls instead of just considering them a pleasant by-catch. Coach Duff used to say that all you needed was a couple pieces of marabou on a hook for Bulls and that's probably true...

    ...however, it'd be more fun to tangle with a nice Bull on a cool fly. Looking through my books for inspiration, I remembered the Knudsen's White Streamer which was so obviously a great fly for Bulls that I can't believe I haven't thought of it sooner. Actually, I think Knudsen probably deserves more credit than he seems to get these days. He should be considered right up there with Glasso, Johnson, etc. especially for those of us who fish for sea-run cutthroats too.

    So here's a variant of the Knudsen's White Streamer ties in my 'basic fly' template similar to other's I've posted lately. I tried this on the Skykomish today and while there were no fish, the fly looked awesome in the water. About an hour north of here, I'm pretty sure it'll get some action.



    Bonus shot of my new Wheatly box.
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    Great ties as always, Thomas.
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  3. Josh dead in the water

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    Very nice looking!
  4. Preston Active Member

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    White has, for many years, been my favorite color for bull trout. Here are a couple that I frequently use with success:
    DSCF2997.JPG DSCF0099.JPG
    The rabbit-strip pattern is a white version of my Hubert Humpy while the other is Frank Dufresne's Alaska Mary Ann. The Alaska Mary Ann is Frank's adapted version of an Alaskan native lure carved from walrus ivory and known as the Kobuk Hook. Frank introduced this pattern to the lower forty-eight back in the thirties. Truly, it seems there's nothing new under the sun.
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  5. Evan Virnoche Outerspeyz Fly-style

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    i love white flies. there so pretty
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    A gorgeous tie!!

    I could not agree more with the comments about Knudsen white streamer and his flies in general. Good to see the white streamer getting some "pub".

    Nearly all of my best bull patterns have the same extensive red/orange shoulder that your pattern features. I feel that is a strong trigger.

    After a lot experimentation with various hooks for my bull patterns the low water Atlantic salmon type of hooks proved not to be a very satisfactory hook. While flies tied on such hooks are wonderful to look at they produce a pretty low hook-up to hand ratio for bulls. You can improve that ratio by using a turle knot; a straight pull parrallel helps in the hook-up to landing ratio. I spend most of the 1990s targeting bulls with lots of experimentation with patterns and hooks. After experimenting with at least a dozen hook styles I found that Daiichi # 2451 by far the most effective in hook-up conversions. Consistently had 85 to 90% conversion rates as compared to 50 to 65% with the rest of the hooks "tested".

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    I've been using a White Bow Bugger for years!
    Cheers JD
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    White is definitely over looked, and I'm not sure why but it shouldn't be, for a lot of species. Thats another great tie Thomas.... should do the trick, and with style!