White Wing Akroyd 3/0 Partridge CS10/3

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Mercer, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I haven't tied any Dee's for awhile so I thought I'd do some. I used to tie and fish these years back when I was more energetic (and younger) for steelhead, they swim really cool on a swing and always keep a perfect profile. I didn't catch many fish back then but that was more do to my inexperience than the flies I was tying (I think?), anyway this is the Pryce-Tannatt version. Thanks for looking.

    Mark DSCN2323.JPG DSCN2305.JPG
  2. Very , very nice Mark .
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  3. That wing placement is really sick, in a good way of course.:D I will take six please.
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  4. Thanks Brian and psycho for the nice comments, I think I'll do another.... there fun ties.
  5. very nice hackle barbs mark:) And one of my favorites that you've shown us, not as much detail as some of the others, but a bit more stylish IMO.
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  6. Outstanding (again) Mark.
    Question: have you ever tied a Dunt using GPC for the body hackle?
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  7. Thanks Jack and Pat.

    Jack, I've tied a Dunt, I think once before and I've only seen recipes calling for seal or mohair, I'm assuming GPC (golden pheasant crest?) is what you're talking about???? Where did you see this used as the body?
    Interesting idea for a variant, but maybe I'm missing something...

  8. Use Golden Pheasant Crest Instead of the yellow hackle on the orange dubbed rear body.
    I meant to say Dee or Dunt.
  9. One of my favorites. Nicely done. I love fishing this fly. The wings turned out excellent.
  10. Thanks TD, they are great fishing flies for sure and fun to tie. I used to tied the standard with cinnamon turkey wings instead of white but was out of cinnamon.... I think I actually like the white better.

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