White Zonker Minnow Instructions - Body?

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Joe Smolt, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. I want to tie up some white zonker minnows. I've seen a production minnow with a mylar body that has a tear drop shape that gives a good broad side shape of a minnow body. How is this done? Body section was very thin, but wide view broad side.

    Joe Smolt
  2. The trick is to cut out an aluminum can in a tear drop shape using some sturdy old scissors. Leave two stubs on each end to tie down. Fold the piece of aluminum over the hook shank. Tie in place fore and aft, and hit it with super glue. Slide mylar tubing over the body bulge tie at rear leaving some strands as a supporting tail. Tie in a white zonker strip by parting the hair (use a bit of water on fingers). Whip finish at this point and move up to the head. Tie down zonker strip at front, add red throat of hackle fibers and white hackle collar. Whip finish.

    Email me if you have questions, lead tape also works.
  3. Thanks.....Something to do with beer is always the ticket for me. :beer2:

  4. faster/easier is to shape the body with lead or lead substitute wire. Tie it in facing forward on the top of hook leaving enough room for everything else you need to tie in. Then fold it back into the shape you want and tie down at the rear leaving room. Now invert the hook in the vise and go ahead. Takes a couple to get it down. You can still drink beer if you want, but you can recycle the cans :beer2:
  5. I just tied this one up conehead style. Aluminum can works as well as lead tape and costs nothing. if you make a template you can whip these out pretty fast.

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  6. If you are referring to my post, note that I said lead wire. It gives a skeletal frame, not a lead tape/can style solid frame. looks super cool with clear mylar. Fish don't care though... If you aren't referring to my post then I agree with what you said.
  7. :beathead:Upon re-reading your post, I like the wire frame concept. I wonder: Is the wire strong enough to hold up to a crushing grab? I suppose speed to tie and fish enticing looks beat durability.:thumb:

    Attached is a minimalist zonker pic

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  8. Very nice tie!! EasyRiser...

    Will try some of these!:beer2:
  9. EasyRiser/Philster,

    Could you guys post a photo of a Zonker Minnow in progress? I have a good idea of what you are both talking about for a rigid 'frame' for the body of the minnow, but I would love to see a photo. I am a visual kind of guy. I am very interested in both of your methods.
  10. I'll post one of each method...I am warming up to the wire frame method especially when I use red wire...looks like the real thing in the light! pretty cool see-thru effect

    Blurry (sorry:beathead:) Photo attached of how I made the wire frame for the zonker body. the red wire looks like the stomach guts or veins of a transparent minnow.

    Its faster/easier than my old aluminum can method But the "can method" makes for a super durable fly.

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  11. A zonker buffet! Anyone have a color preference?:confused: and why?

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  12. River olive.

    Lake white.

    In freestone rivers you are most (not always) likely to find bait that are loners and rely on coloration and stealth to survive.

    In lakes you often (not always) have brighter schooling bait, and sick and injured ones often "loose" their ability to sparkle and shine (appearing grey or white), thus standing out as an easy to chase down meal. One reason I've never liked the "holographic" tubing.

    No science. Just opinions and experience.
  13. Thanks for the pix. I am going to head home and try the wire frame method tonight. Thanks for sharing some tricks with the rest of us.
  14. Try skipping the mylar overbody and just fill in the gap between the hook and the wire with epoxy with glitter in it:eek: Other than the drying time (use 5 min) it's actually faster than mylar for me. Nobody wanted to buy them though!!!!!!!!! Freakin' no-imagination havin' weenies!!!!!!

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