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  1. Looks like you had a tough go of it... better luck and fun next time :D. I have not fished those rivers yet myself, so great to see info and candid results. Did you consider either the Yaak or Kootenai?
  2. I had an opportunity to fish the MF last year. I carried two rods with me after seeing some pics at the fly shop. One rigged with a pink hopper, one with a sink tip and huge articulated streamer just for dredging monster bulls. I never found what I was looking for with the streamer setup, but will forever remember the sight of an eighteen inch cuttbow rising ten feet through those air clear waters to inhale my hopper.
  3. Where exactly did you fish on the south fork? It is usually the best fishing of the three. Was it downstream of the dam before it meets up with the main river or above the reservoir?

  4. We fished it just downstream from the dam and Devil's Elbow. We also fished a little further down before the confluence. We did not fish above the reservoir. I think our luck on the South Fork had more to do with us getting used to the water/what flies to throw and less with how the river actually fishes. If I had another day to fish the South Fork again, I'm sure we would have had much better results. Have you found the fishing to better above or below the dam?
  5. Neither of those came up in our discussions about possible day trips. We considered trying the Wigwam or the Elk in BC; and definitely want to hit those up next time. On my next visit perhaps I'll take 2 into Whitefish instead of 90 and scope out the Yaak and Kootenai too. Do you have any experience on those streams?
  6. The Devil's Elbow stretch can be good fishing but it is temperamental due to fluctuations when they are generating from the dam. The upper river (55miles on a dirt road) above the dam is my favorite place to fish bar none. Had a great day up there this July with my dad and brother. You can wade fish it but it's better if you have a pontoon or raft.
  7. I fished the Kootenai some years ago, but water levels were pretty high and fishing was really tough. I'm told it is a great late season option -- think we were there in June. It's also a big river and best if floated. I will definitely have another crack at it.
  8. If you have the time, I would consider taking a few days to follow the Thompson River from its head down to where it dumps into the Clark Fork. Thompson River Road follows the river from start to finish and you can pull off and fish just about anywhere.

    I took 2 days to fish it & it was amazing! Brook trout closer to the head, 12" rainbows and 17" browns a little further down. I fished the whole thing dry, mainly using Kaufmann Stimies, and it was a busy few days!

    You may run into bears...you probably won't run into people. I'll take the trade off ;)

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