Whiting midge saddles

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by silver, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. silver

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    I was just curious if anyone has seen and or used these capes. The site I was on claimed that each cape(full,half,or quarter) had 80% of the hackles size 18 and under. The capes were a bit pricey but if it is as they claim this is well worth the money as most dries I tie are 16-22. They come in bronze and silver grades and since it is Whiting I'm sure the feathers are high quality. I'm more skeptical of the claimed size of these capes and purchasing without seeing at those prices could be risky... any info would be great?

    thanks in advance
  2. Chickenpro

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    The saddles you speak of are just that SADDLES. NOT capes. They most likely will tie the sizes they claim as saddle feathers only range in one or two sizes. If you are looking for good dry fly feathers with more colors for less money I would say stay away from whiting, but if you are looking for a TON of flies in one color then they are the feather for you.

  3. Anil

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    We carry Whiting Midge ½ Saddles in Grizzly and Brown. The majority of feathers are 20’s with a good showing of 18’s and 22’s. The nice feature with these feathers (like most saddles) is that although they tie very small flies, the feathers average about 10” in length. They do not have the range of sizes that a neck will of course, but if you tie enough small flies, you will appreciate the quality.