Who builds bamboo in NW washington?

Discussion in 'Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels' started by Josh, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Josh dead in the water

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    I'm interested in learning more about bamboo rod construction. Is there anyone building rods in the NW washington area? I'm thinking Skagit/Whatcom/Snohomish kind of areas. I'm hoping I can make a connection and maybe bring a six-pack some evening for a little show and tell about the process.

    I vaguely remember that there was someone in the Anacortes area at one point? Maybe I'm making that up.
  2. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Ask Bitterroot. Lonnie was building them I believe (and knows people I'm assuming). At least he could lead you in the right direction.
  3. bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

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  4. Josh dead in the water

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    Thank you!
  5. constructeur Active Member

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  6. Lugan Joe Streamer

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    Mike Monsos does, but he's in the Seattle area. He's also a member of WFF and posts to this sub-forum occasionally. Good guy, and I've seen a few of his rods and cast one, and they are very nice: http://monsosrods.com/index.html
  7. Rick Todd Active Member

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    Josh-The 4th Corner group has several bamboo rod builders. Sid Strong has a very nice shop and is good about teaching people about the craft. He lives in Sudden Valley and when he is not on the road with his job as Jimmy Buffet's stage designer and lighting engineer, he loves company in his shop. The speaker at this month's meeting has written two books about bamboo fly rod building. The meeting is at the Country Club on Feb 23. Let me know if you want to go! Rick
  8. Mike Monsos AKA flyman219

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    If you plan to be in the Redmond area sometime contact me and if I'm home I'll drink some of your sixpack and we can talk rodmaking or look at anything you would like in the "shop"

  9. samishriverrods New Member

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    Yes a person in Anacortes is building Bamdoo rods and I think that one other person is doing the same thing now. They both belong to the Fidalgo Fly Fisher. I will talk with them to see if I can give you a name and contact.
  10. bamboo2041 New Member

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    A couple of builders in the nw are Steve Gobin in Marysville and Joe Rosano in Arlington. If you want to check out lots of bamboo for sale just stop by my shop in Federal Way. charles.vaden@comcast.net
  11. Josh dead in the water

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    Thank you everyone! I really appreciate it.

    Mike, I will drop you a line if I've got some "down south" time coming up.

    Rick, PM on the way.