Who else here ties Crystal flash on ...

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Kaiserman, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. the tails of their chromies?

    I've been toying around with the vise, tying up about 37 different patterns, when I came across a website where a guy literally ties crystal flash on all his chromie patterns.

    Does this help enough to through it in once in a while? Or is it just another "it's all in the tiers head" kind of thing? I'm sure it works, otherwise he wouldn't do it...

    I just want to learn, and see if any of you have noticed more takes or not.

  2. I've experimented in tying them behind the head, just two smalls strands sticking out directly behind. Haven't tried them out yet but a little bit of flash never hurt anything
  3. Yes. Could explain more but Downton Abbey on.
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  4. No, but would like to.
  5. I have used crystal flash as a wing on other midge patterns but not on a chromie but it should work
  6. I used to quite a bit, and then I stopped, not sure why. In fact one of the first patterns I ever tied was a basic thread pattern with wire ribbing a bulbous head and crystal flash gills. I landed my largest cut at about 32" on an olive one of those.
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  7. HOLY SMACK, IRA. That is a big Cut. I need to follow you around to learn how it is done.
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  8. Yeah, that was a nice fish. I landed it right after I used up the last of my role of film fishing with a girlfriend off the bank at Lenore. A couple driving by asked me if salmon were running in the lake. They took my picture with the fish and my address, but they never sent the shot to me.
  9. I have tried chronomids with 1 stand of flash but they didn't work for me

  10. I'm experimenting on several patterns. If it's not too much to ask, I'd like to learn this different pattern style.... since you are known as the 'Chromie King' around here. :)

    Did you tie a tail as well as the gills? Also, did you tie the gills out the side or the top?

  11. My tying time is a bit limited, but it's simple enough of a pattern that I'll tie one up and post a picture.

    No tail, just gills out the top of the built up bulbous head.
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  12. Thanks Ira
  13. IMG_0199.JPG
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  14. That can't work.... :D
  15. As I've mentioned before, and is now becoming a reality... I've tied about 30 different patterns, and will probably only use 3 or 4 of them. :confused:

    Oh well, just like tying steelhead flies I suppose. :eek: :p
  16. I tie basically the same pattern, I just put two or three strands at the but as well. If you don't pack at least a thousand chironomids your just not in the game.:D:D
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  17. That will do - for a day trip .
  18. Ira,
    I love that. My goal has been to simplify my chironomid patterns and this is great.
    I have some very nice looking flies sz14 'mids with about 8 different materials, and while they look great, they take a while to tie and are sometimes a pain. I can do a version of your fly with three materials and I have a hunch the fish won't mind one bit. I am going to tie that pattern in several different thread colors.
    Thanks for sharing.
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  19. I tie a mid emerger pattern for fishing in the film and I use the twisted Krystal flash.
    If you loop it for a short tail then give it a twist it makes a great trailing shuck.
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  20. Got a pick of what you're talking about?

    I'm usually pretty good at visualizing things, but can quite picture it.....

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