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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Kaiserman, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. chewydog

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    I believe the OP was referring to a tail.I've used KF in various attributes of a midge, including bodies, short emerger wings, flashy head stuff. Tails...midges don't have tails. Shucks maybe on the surface where they crawl out of them...but tails? OK, fish have a pea brain and there are a series of these:
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    I've seen the midge emerger patterns with a bit of flash for a "tail" but I honestly don't see the point. .. so if they work, I'm going along with chewydog and blame the pea brain of a fish for any success the pattern might have.

    What the heck, if it works, who cares why?.... that's my stance.
  3. Kaiserman

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    Yeah, I guess I should have clarified it a bit better. Some of the natural chironomids have just a tiny bit of white on the end, and I've seen a lot of patterns with Antron, Ostr. herl, whatever...

    Just was curious about different techniques. Cool bug though.

    And I'm with you guys on the "whatever works" theory. I have a "go to" woolly bugger, that looks like absolutely nothing, but has killer action when swung or stripped.
  4. Kaiserman

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    By the way chewydog, since you're the last to post a pic, what's that thorax behind your bead?

    Is that the imitation peacock herl?
  5. chewydog

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    Not my tie. From Hans site. The tier is Bruce Smith. The recipe says it's peacock ice dub.
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    I like some on my smaller, emerger style midges. Anything bigger than size sixteen I don't bother.
  7. johnk

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    Sorry to intrude but I think he means a furled tail.
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  8. Brian Thomas

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    Maybe if you/we ask nicely , John will post some pics of his chironomids .
    He`s a master at them .
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  9. Kaiserman

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    Hey John - Pretty please...?
  10. johnk

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    No problem guys. How about "The Hog Magnet" as a teaser.....
  11. Kaiserman

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    Oh man, that gives me a tingly feeling up my leg! Sorry, I stole that from Chris Mathews.

    Show us more!

    By the way, that's very creative. I've tied about 57 flies... I think 3 of them are the same. Don't you just love tying flies?!
  12. johnk

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    Sure thing. I'll start a new thread with some of my more popular patterns.