Who is Going to the 1st Seattle Area Fly Fishing Fair & Casting Expo?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bert Kinghorn, May 27, 2009.

  1. I am surprised that except for a brief note from Leland, I have not seen much discussion about the upcoming fly fishing & casting event that will occur at Tye Lake, just east of Monroe on June 20th. Most of the Seattle area fly shops, many guides, as well as reps from many of the major fly tackle manufacturers have been working TOGETHER for months to put this event on. There will be demonstrations on both single handed and two handed casting by some of the biggest names in our area. It should be terrific!

    You can find out more about the location, timing and the sponsors who will be there at http://jimmygreenflyexpo.com/ . Chris, I apologize if listing this link violates WFF site rules, but I don't know how to better get the word out on this general interest event which is sponsored by a number of our site sponsors.

    For all who complained about the cost of the Bellevue Fly Show, admission, parking, casting and fly tying demos, casting instruction, rod testing, and more at this event are all FREEEEEEE! The best part is you actually get to try the stuff that interests you on the water, not just in a dinky little casting box. Or maybe the best part is that it is FREE to all attendees!

    So who is going?
  2. Bert...I would love to go but the family and I will be at our Okanogan cabin that weekend. It seems like our cabin trips always conflict with something good, fishing or otherwise. Such the luck. Sounds like a good time though. Hopefully they get a good crowd and they'll have a 2nd Annual event next year. Dave
  3. One of the goals of the Fair is to introduce fly fishing to prospects. We are encouraged to bring friends or acquaintances who might be interested in joining our sport.
  4. I think I can make it. I put it on the calander!!!
  5. I'll be there and have a number of friends I've invited! Looking forward to it! :thumb:
  6. I'll be there for sure....
  7. Personally I miss the season ending event at Rockport. Marlow said it was time to pass this on to other people. All things change I guess but perhaps not always for the better. I will be there this year and I do like the fact that the event isn't in the middle of prime steelhead season.
  8. Too bad that the parking there sucks also.
  9. I don't think parking will be an issue at the park. It sure looked like a lot of spaces to me. And they're free.

    I would encourage all you seasoned flyfishers to bring as many newbies as you can. We will have two raffles, one for you and one for them. The more newbies you bring, the more raffle tickets you will get. Don't forget that all us flyshops, guides and reps are donating into this raffle and it will be big. I want it to be winner take all. I just received word that Orvis will donate a Helios switch rod.

    We will keep updating this thread as we get closer to June 20.

    Mark it on your calendar. This could be the start of something big!

  10. I will be going. I am just getting into fly fishing so I am hoping to get more info.
  11. Dude, this fair was made for you. Make sure you meet Michael Bennett at Pacific Fly Fly Fishers. He's the closest shop to you.

  12. I'm planning to attend and bring friends. It started with Jimmy, and Marlow carried it on. I expect it to be different and look forward to that. And it doesn't eat up a Saturday in April on the Skagit. That might be the best part.


  13. I took a class from Michael. Very good guy. I try to stop by once a month.
  14. I'm hoping to make it- don't have a rod, reel or flies yet. But I've been reading everything I can find. (Pretty close to choosing a rod, and hope to meet up with my friend this weekend to talk about other needed gear).

    This looks like it could be a great show.
  15. Simply dress for the weather. You will find a lot of rods to cast and teachers to teach you.

  16. ill definetly and try on being their. hope to cast and learn to cast some spey rods.
  17. I will be there, I've got a few people who would jump at the chance to get a big intor to fly fishing.
  18. I'll be there in two aspects. One, I do believe I'll be helping with the Project Healing Waters booth. Not 100% sure on that one, Chuck and I haven't discussed it, but I'll probably help one way or another.

    Mostly, I'll be there helping with the food. Supplying alot of my cooking devices to help crank out the food for the people. So I'll be there with two hats on, my PHWFF hat, and my Camp Chef hat. :)
  19. Whoohoo - :thumb::thumb::thumb: to the cook!

    Looking forward to this event. It's got something for everyone. Beginner classes, info, demo rods, LOTS of casting room, and both Single Hand Casting Games and a Spey Casting Competition!

  20. Generous advise Leland, not that I'm surprised.
    Sounds like a wonderful event. If I can make it I'll be "hanging" around Jerry.

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