Who is Going to the 1st Seattle Area Fly Fishing Fair & Casting Expo?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bert Kinghorn, May 27, 2009.

  1. Arthur,

    If you can't get a ride, let me know and I will pick you up somewhere. I cannot give you a ride home because I have to work the shop.

  2. I would love to go and show of my skills and maybe learn some two-handed casting. But got soccer:(
  3. leland, thanks for the offer but it would be to much trouble sinse we are in the opposite directions of ben howards.

    but thanks!
  4. I'll be there. The Whidbey Island club is suppose to have a booth that I'll show how to tye at.
  5. I could come by and pick you up. I am coming from Marysville.
  6. SOOOOOO theyre i tried to invite some friends but they dont get why fly fishing ROCKS but me my dad and little bro will show up for shureeee
    we should have a little washington fly fishing booth LOL
  7. I'll be there if I can get someone to give me a beer or maybe two !!!
  8. Depends on what her Ladyship's got planned. Since she works still, and I don't, it's something of a "good thing" to follow closely that line in the Preamble..."ensure domestic tranquility"...as it were.....
  9. Brother, we're in the same predicament. However, the (domestic) warden has given me a pass for the day to attend the event; I'm there! :thumb:
  10. I do believe that the misses, girls and I will plan a camping outing in that area. She realizes that I plan on going on the 20th so beign closer will garner more family time. I am looking forward to seeing some friends, making new ones and making a fool of myself with a rod in hand that I clearly can't handle.
  11. Ed,
    Bring the family to the event, the park has a great kids play area, even a skate park for the older kids! I hope to get my neice (5 yo) to the event as well as my friends boys (5 and 8).

    Also, there are some nice raffle items, including a set of Kirk's (ItchyDog's) "Olive the Little Woollybugger" books! http://olivethewoollybugger.com/

    Bill :beer2:
  12. Thanks Bill. If we do all come, and I'm hoping we will, I'll see you again then. If we happen to win the raffle we might have to hand that prize off to someone who does not yet have the set. Whenever Itchy has a book to go to print I'm waiting in line! I'm looking forward to this event and hopefully getting some pointers on that elusive two hander.
  13. hey ed, if its by chance a 5-6wt, ill trade you that glass rod for the top section. :)
  14. Arthur, I was referring to the Itch Doy series of Olive the Woolly Bugger books not the switch rod. I don't have enough Kharma to win a fly rod. Must be my storied past.
  15. WOW..... Nathan sent me the final list of Raffle Items to post.

    There's two ways to get into the raffle: One raffle for fly fishers who bring potential fly fishers to the event - the more people you bring, the more tickets you get! And a second raffle for potential fly fishers. New to fly fishing or interested in the sport? This raffle is for you.

    Here's the items for people who bring someone new:
    Orvis Helios Switch Rod 11' 6wt 4pc
    Wright & McGill 8 1/2' 6wt
    TFO Prism LA 7/8 Reel
    Vosseler DC 4 Reel - Titanium
    Intermediate Spey Casting Class
    Guided Full Day Steelhead Trip for 2
    Guided Beach Trip with lunch/flies for 2
    Guided 3/4 Day Beach Wade Trip for 2
    Tube Fly Tying Kit
    SA Streamer Express 200 grain Clear Tip
    SA Skagit Deluxe 7wt 500 grain with tips
    Royal Wulff Ambush Fly Line WF6F
    SA Sharkskin Magnum WF5F
    Steelhead and Salmon Fly Selection
    Oakley Sunglasses - Black Frame, Shallow Blue Polarized Lens
    McClean Weigh Net 113 M
    Olive the Woolly Bugger Book Series
    Winston Ascent 8' 3wt / Rio Selective Trout WF3F Camo Green

    Here's the raffle items for newbies:
    Introduction to Fly Fishing Class
    Private Casting Session (2hrs) for 2
    Guided 1/2 Day River Pink Salmon Trip for 2
    Guided Full Day Yakima Float Trip for 2
    SA Sharkskin GPX WF4F
    Rio Grand WF5F Pale Green
    Airflo Distance WF5F
    Oakley Sunglasses - Rootbeer Frame, Bronze Polarized lens
    Echo Micro Practice Rod (5 total)
    Tools Inna Box (Nipper, Zinger, Hemostats) (24 total)
    Ross Fly Start Rod 9' 5wt / Lamson Guru #2 Reel / Rio Gold WF5F
    TFO Signature Series 8.5' 5wt / Teeny First Cast WF5F
    Echo Gecko 7'9" 4/5 wt /Cortland 444 Classic WF4F
  16. what if i bring people that are much older than me that seem like they tought me how to fish, but i am actually teaching them? would people question me and think im a fraud? :)

  17. WOW, that is a great list of goodies. I can't wait to got and check out everything.
  18. This thread just oozes awesomeness. I belive that I'll be there to meet many and learn much. The misses is actually gonna bring the rod I built for her and might join in one of the 101 seminars on the water while I entertain the girlies. Very excited about this weekend out with the family and rubbing elbows with the likes of you all!
  19. I would be there if I didn't have to work that day :mad: Sounds like it will be a great event though, hope everyone has a great time.

  20. Laura and I will be attending this event,

    Chris thanks for the reminder.



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