Who is Going to the 1st Seattle Area Fly Fishing Fair & Casting Expo?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bert Kinghorn, May 27, 2009.

  1. Banging my head against the wall over my inability to make it...:beathead:
  2. Dang, Itchy...I was hoping to meet a neighbor.
    Maybe next time.
  3. My challenge is he plumber (pipe fitter) is coming over to run the new gas line for the new stove. If it goes well, I'll be out in the PM
  4. My husband, myself and a friend are going. Heading to Maltby cafe for an early breakfast and then off to the expo. Very excited as I am so new to the sport I have only cast on the grass...hoping to learn a lot and maybe make a fishing buddy or two...

  5. Welcome Faywell. I hope that my wife can find some inspiring mojo too, be it fun in casting, friends, gear or a new hobby. She deserves it. I've avoided trying to teach her in the hope that she'll go to something like this and roll up her sleeves.
  6. Yee-freakin-ha!! Not only do I get to go, her Ladyship will be going, and wants to hit the seminars to learn to chase the trout. Jerry, I'll stop by the PHW booth to say "hi". I'm hoping Chuck will be there-haven't seen him since last year, and I owe him a cigar. Hell, maybe I'll even wear the Utilikilt for this one!!!
  7. Unfortunately my wife has a girl friend coming to stay for the weekend and my daughter has a bunch of girl friends coming over...so I'm going to have to attend by myself. Sob:(
    I'm going to have to show up and spend the day by myself...Can't wait!
  8. I'm not sure if the wife will come...but I still plan on being there.
    There's only 1 or 2 people on the forum that I know and I'd love to have a chance to meet some of you guys so...
    If you see a fella about 6'4" wearing a blue TN. "TITANS" ballcap grab me and introduce yourself.
  9. I was thinking it'd be a great time to get out on the Cedar, while every other flyfisherman is off the water!!:thumb: Of course, I wouldn't want to miss the event, so I'll be bringing my wife who is new to flyfishing and caught her first trout on her new rod in Colorado last month, along with our 3 boys (12, 10 and 8 yrs old) who all have their own flyrods and are getting a huge headstart on me!

    Looking forward to seeing everything and meeting some new people - should be blast. :beer1:
  10. was thinking of bringing the motorhome to PAW'TAY! but alas, i dont have one:( ... so ill be there with the Fam' and my fiance' . say high if you see a guy that looks like "Poncharelli" (CHiPs) with a couple rings thru his nose:) look forward to the event and putting faces to names!

  11. I'm attending. I'm bringing my camera to record the event...and a pen for anyone who wants to bring books along to be signed. I'll be at the TFO booth with Dick Sagara.
    Les Johnson
  12. Hey Les, will you be bringing any other books with you? Like your "Fly Fishing for Cutthroat in Puget Sound?" I hope that's the right name....duhh! I have your other wonderful book and would like to get the this one too....figured it might be a good opportunity.:thumb:


    Jon Collman:)
  13. I'm hoping to make it, with family in tow.. This probably means I'll be limited to a couple hours. So - does one have to be there at 9am to participate in the casting games? and does one have to be present to win raffle prizes? I'm just trying to figure out which window I should shoot for.

  14. Of course I will be there doing two things, I will be at the Project Healing Waters booth and I will also be cooking lunch. So stop by and say hi.
  15. Eric - no worries, here's some specifics for you:

    Spey Comp: Would like everyone there at 9. We'll draw for casting order & get started.

    Single Hand Comp: You can show up through the day & get a spot to cast.

    Raffles: you won't need to be present to win. You will be asked for your name, contact phone, and city when entering. We'll send your winning raffle items to the store closest to you. (Instead of your city, you can also just list the shop closest to you if you already know.)

    Hope this answers. See you tomorrow!
  16. Dyammit, was planning on attending...Sunday. Will be making show automation on the new musical "Catch Me If You Can" opening next month at the fabulous 5th Avenue. Am in the market for an 8 weight, will have to just go to my local shop and see what they have I guess! Must. Have. New. Fly. rod.
  17. I know you promised coffee and breakfast Kristin, but getting there by 9 is a major ordeal. Worked out at the house all day until late, just finished dinner, etc. Loaded gear in the car, and Rochelle and I will be there as soon as we can.

  18. You saying you don't want my breakfast SG? Huh? Whatcha trying to say? Man, I tell you. Some people, no respect. ;) LOL.

    Well, will have the food ready for the eventers hopefully early.
  19. Got in from London late last night. See you all there!

  20. Gene the casting machine wins again.


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