Who is on the take?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Hooker, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Hooker

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    Now I know this is a public forum with a bunch of fishermen but it seems readily apparent that there are quite a few people that go well beyond brand loyalty to whore certain products and quite frankly its getting to the point of being absolutely absurd.:eek: Many people go out of their way to bring to light bad experiences with certain manufactures without ever bringing evidence to the table. just like taking free shots at the competition of their sponsor brand.
    I'm just wondering how many people on here are affiliated with manufacturers of some kind? Maybe I am just a little jealous as I have no affiliation of my own but is there any such thing as an unbiased opinion anymore?:beer2:
  2. Who cares, honestly. I have no affiliation with any of the companies I talk about and I doubt it is "absolutely absurd." Mentioning brands in your posts is commonplace and quite useful at times. I surmise some people have a connection to these companies, but through these people I can learn about new equipment & gear that was once before foreign to me.
  3. Bryan Williamson

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    It has been my experience on this forum that almost all who are affiliated with an industry brand are very objective.
  4. nb_ken

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    I refuse to take money and jeopardize my amateur status. I am offended at the insinuation, sir!!!

    (you got something in mind? pm me off line. we'll talk.)
  5. Porter

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    I agree totally...I really don't appreciate the guys on this site talking about having a Busch Beer or a Busch Lite :beer1: nor do I appreciate the pictures with the Busch 24 oz'er in hand or background. :beer2: I just wish Deschutes and Pyramid would get a little more lovin :beer2: ....taste does cost a little $$$ :clown:
  6. Salmo_g

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    After all my posts about the virtues of cheap fishing tackle, I probably couldn't get in on the "take" if I tried now. However, I'm open to negotiation. Any vendors of high stakes tackle seeking highly subjective reviews by an angler of long experience please feel free to send me lots of free high quality gear to check out.

  7. LT

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    Maybe I am just a little jealous as I have no affiliation of my own but is there any such thing as an unbiased opinion anymore?:beer2:[/QUOTE]

    The thought that there was ever such thing as unbiased opinion is laughable. Every opinion is biased either consiously or subconciously.
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    Funny you bring this up. I was just talking with a friend about it the other day.
    Sure everyone on here is going to have their loyalties and their affinities for certain products, and I do agree there are some that are a little more pushy than others about it. But, in the end, who cares? Its just a fact of life and learn to read through it and base your decisions on your own tastes and experiences.
    Good point LT.
  9. D3Smartie

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    oh and to answer the question, I'd bet about 30-40% of the people who post a lot have some kind of deal with atleast one manufacturer.
  10. dryflylarry

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    Well, I'm and old ORVIS fan. I've been fly fishing for 50 years or so. I like a lot their products, their service, etc. As a matter of fact, I just purchased the new Battenkill Large Arbor Trout reel from the Orvis Shop in Bellevue. Leland helped me out and was a gentleman. I love the reel. It's sweet. No affiliations here. Just good stuff and good service. By the way, last year I sent in my very old old (I think Superfine Rod) I purchased in the 70's I think....) for repair. They couldn't repair it so they sent me a brand new rod after me using my old rod for probably 30 years! No questions. No explanations. Just a brand new rod (probably collecting dust on their shelve) came in the mail, identical to the one I purchased in the 70's. NO CHARGE. Go figure..... :thumb:
  11. Bruce Davidson

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    Far be it from me to have any affiliation, even a Teeny one, but let me offer some Sage advice from one with an Abel mind and Hardy constitution, although some may deem me an Outcast. After a Simmsering desire to cast a fly on a Rio in Patagonia, I finally have planned the trip, by Scott. Although I'm no Scientific Angler, I can't wait for that first fish landed and sit on the bank and fire up a Winston, pondering my good fortune using nothing but homemade fishing gear and accessories.
  12. BDD

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    That was awesome. :rofl:
  13. jcnewbie

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    Indeed it was and so was the one from "Porter!!":beer2:

    "One must always keep in mind however, that just because one is a bit paranoid, doesn't mean somebody isn't really out to gitcha'!":hmmm:

    Oh yeah, here's another: "A mind is sorta like a parachute, it seems to work much better when it's open!"

    Best regards,

  14. rick matney

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    Now what in the hell is wrong with busch. Tastes good and is dirt cheap. Also the highest alcohol concentration of the domestic lights.

    Just made $6,000.

    Sponsered by anhuaser busch inc....got is all over my bass boat

    and Rapala...

    and Berkley....

    Rick. :beer2:
  15. Zen Piscator

    Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

    I am payed on a post by post basis by 7 of the major players in the global fly fishing industry.
  16. Josh

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    I heard that Leland Miyawaki guy gets money from Orvis. No wonder he's always posting about them.
  17. LT

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    Zen Piscator.....the Paris Hilton of WFF! He gets paid to show up and look pretty:rofl:
  18. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    Exactly right. However here, most folk's passionately-held opinions are usually the result of having made an earlier buying decision for which their post facto 'opinions' provide a rationale (or excuse!)

    As a sidebar, I've enjoyed drinking fine wine for several decades. Anyone who's developed an appreciation for the grape also knows that one can easily spend $50, $100 or far more on a single bottle. I maintain that anyone completely unfamiliar with wine but with $100 bill in their pocket can buy a wonderful bottle of wine. For me, the equation is reversed by asking how many bottles of good wine can I buy with the same $100?

    About 10 years back, some couple friends started what we call the 'Wine Slobs' (not wine snobs) in which we got together at one house or another to enjoy a long Saturday late afternoon and evening in which we each brought a couple bottles of wine that the host had determined would pair nicely with the dinner entree. Each of us would observe the varietal grape and price point (ie. a zinfandel at no more than $20).

    When we arrived, each bottle would be whisked into a tall brown paper bag with the neck taped to hide the label and then labeled with a number on the outside. As the gathering progressed, we'd all drink from whatever numbered bag we happened to choose, the only rule being that each participant would take notes on their impressions of the bag's contents and then rate it on a 1 to 5 point scale. At the end of the evening, we'd tally the ratings and then un-bag each wine to reveal it's identity.

    These simple blind tastings revealed some interesting truisms. First, when you can't see the label, your preconceptions about a wine's quality and attributes quickly evaporate. Second, we soon developed the ability to verbalize nuances in each wine's nose, taste and finish to other similar sensations (fruity, blackberries, jammy, lingering, etc.)

    What followed from a number of years of doing this was the ability to evaluate a wine not by its pedigree, reputation or price, but on more empirical inputs specific to our own senses. It's an ability I continue to cultivate (and am doing so right now with a wonderful Hogue Pinto Grigio!)

    Long story short, I'd love to be able to do the same sort of blind testing with flyrods or lines. Cover up or obscure the maker's name and thus preconceptions about equating cost with quality would become disconnected. The caster's resulting impressions would come a whole lot closer to being objective than 99% of what I've read (and written!) here.

  19. knothead

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    If and when I have a bad experience with the brand I am loyal to, I will change loyalties to another brand and then become a "PIMP!" for that particular brand.
  20. Kirk Singleton

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    I am a Ho. Give me some stuff and I will beat the drum! I can be bought. ;)