Who is on the take?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Hooker, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. chadk

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    Itchy Dog or Wading Boot????
  2. Kiwi Phil

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    [QUOTE I fish or am on the water close to 200 + days a year and all over the salt and fresh, trout and steel. I have a room full of broken, beaten, and worn out gear. QUOTE]

    Geez Rick, I'm envious man. How do I get a job like that?
  3. rick matney

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    Don't get married or have kids. Guide. Get an alternate source of income(Real estate and rental properties with passive income). start investing when you are 15 years old. Live simply. Buy a house get roomates so you have little or no bills at all. Then go on dirt bag expeditions to catch steelhead or third world countries and do it youself. Make friends and do favors and they do and will come around to you eventually and last but not least.....be prepared to live a lonely life by yourself, because there is not a girl in the world that would put up with these shenanigans. It is a sacrafice. by the way 200 is actually probably pretty low. One year in college I logged 352 days. granted some were for only an hour or so but count it.

    Damn.. I should write a book. Probably sell it to sage or winston and maybe get on the take for it! :beer2:

    Dolf de roos look it up. he is a fellow NZ lander.
  4. Porter

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    Let's see Les is on the TFO board :) But I don't think he pushes the TFO products, at least from what I have read from him. He's more into fly fishing for SRC, being informative, and making sure it is done right. :thumb:
  5. Jeremy Floyd

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    I am sure I am one of the folks he is talking about too.

    I have been out of town fishing and working with no internet access, so I apologize for not replying sooner. I pimp certain products because they perform day in and day out hundreds of days per year. Other items have specific niche qualities and far out perform other products in that niche.

    I don't get a penny for it. I sure don't want to see folks with intentions to buy thing A,B, or C to do something specific and end up buying thing C which performs, but not very well for what they are specifically buying it for.

    Edit; I did get two "free" shirts from Abel this year when I purchased 4 reels from them. That brings my total of reels from them up to 8. Several of which were bought from shops before I guided.
  6. Abel1

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    Pimp! or Ho!
    Who cares, lets go fishen. Just because you work in the industry, does not make you biased? Sage rules Loomis rules and all the non Pac. West. companies suck!
    I disagree?
  7. Steven Green

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    I would argue that for every time someone pimps a product shamelessly, there are 2 more times where information on other products is invaluable for us the customers. Its no reason to lose your head.

  8. Charles Sullivan

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    I am paid by the Red Sox.

    Sox lost tonight,
  9. ceviche

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    Are you talkin' to me? You must be talkin' to me. I don't see anyone else around here. You must be talkin' to me... :p

    Yeah and I do fish TFO's--only because I'm too poor to own anything better.

    Then again, I ain't a respected writer. I'm just disrespected. As a matter of fact, I can't get no respect. :beathead:

    Damn, now if I could only get on the take... I could really use all that gear clutter in my too-full garage...

    --Dave E.
  10. Buck

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    No one would hire someone ((cou(pick me)gh)) to come on to a web site ((cou(WFF)gh)) and pimp there stuff ((co(Sage)gh)).
  11. Kiwi Phil

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    Rick, you're living the dream buddy. Me, I have to negotiate my fishing trips to fit in with wife, kids, sports, chores..... :beathead:
  12. snarlac

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    No. Unless its mine. Of course, I'm biased towards my own opinions. Ooops.
  13. ak_powder_monkey

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    my favorite fishing company doesn't give me a pro deal... a lot of other ones do though.
  14. Les Johnson

    Les Johnson Les Johnson

    As a writer of long standing (since 1963) I have been fortunate to develop relationships with several companies along the way. I have worked with Scientific Anglers since its inception by the Martuch brothers well before it was sold to 3M. I met Jim Teeny more than thirty years ago. He has become a respected friend over the years. I worked with Dick Posey at Lamiglas for several years. When Lamiglas decided not to charge heavily into the fly rod end of things he told me that I should feel free to look at advisory offers from other companies. This is how I made it onto the TFO advisory staff. I also worked with Orvis through the years, primarily with Tom Rosenbauer. During the writing of our latest salmon book, Bruce and I received a mountain of new, sometimes experiemental fly lines, rods and reels, etc., all of which we tried. Any of them that proved out have been mentioned in the fly chapter of the book. Through all of the years I've worked with the companies mentioned, I have been completely up front about it. Lefty Kreh has worked with a great many companies over the years, always being up front about it and never having any problems of note.
    If anyone on this thread should be given the opportunity to become an advisor of some kind just remember that you never want to promote a product that you do not believe in unquestionably -- and don't get involved unless the company really values your input. Always deal with any conflict of interest issues that might arise on the front end of a negotiaton. This is a simple rule but one that has worked for me for more than forty years.
    Finally, the term pimping, really does cheapen the meaning of advisory or endorsing one might enter into. Endorsing or advising manufacturers on their products is a serious business. You will be responsbile to the manufacturer, people you talk to about the product, and for your own reputation. If you feel that you will be pimping, run the other way.
    Good Luck,
  15. Mingo

    Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

    THIS is pimping....................
  16. jcnewbie

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    Well said, Les....and it was a pleasure meeting you at the Orvis store in Bellevue a few weeks ago.:thumb:

  17. Tom Johnston

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    Pick me, pick me. I am a young dude, and have been fly fishing for several years. Could really test out some stuff. I have a long life ahead of me for fly fishing. My wife does not mind. I am not having to spend my own money to test out good gear.
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    Did you hear about that endorsement offer Lefty Kreh turned down?

    Me neither.
  19. stan

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    Since you are responsible to the manufacture, why do you %100 of the time recommend TFO? How would it look to TFO if Rick Pope was on here, telling everyone in every situation to buy a TFO? He rises above that. According to the original poster you ...
  20. Hooker

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