Who makes the Cabelas rods and reels??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jacob Peterson, May 27, 2009.

  1. Im gonna make a rod i guess, about the same price, but seems like the quality could be better, if i dont suck:D
  2. One thing about Cabelas, they don't seem to censor unfavorable reviews. A couple of their branded machined reels have awful reviews. I have a RLS for my Finesse 3 weight that has consistent very good - outstanding reviews. Looks very similar to Ross but not as substantial as a C2. Drag is silky smooth with very fine adjustments.
  3. loomis used to make the blanks, now it St. croix, and the reels are made by Targus.
  4. The new water shed reel is made by ross.
  5. How do you Fin-nor makes some reels? Which models?
  6. I talked to a guy who has some connections. I think the last Fin-nor made cabelas reel came out a a few years ago and it isn't sold at cabelas anymore though.
  7. What Salmo said, almost...I have one of the L-Techs sitting here waiting to be initiated, and it says (or the stickers do) that it was made in Korea. A lot of the overseas stuff--under whoever's label-- is fair to excellent quality, depending upon the design. In any one rod or reel factory, you might have two dozen brands being made, all to different specs. Korea is gaining in reputation for quality-made fishing tackle.

    In an aside, now that the economy and the value of the dollar is messed up, tackle manufacturers are moving to Mexico for a lot of their manufacturing as there are several very distinct benefits to building stuff closer to home. And we're not talking low-end stuff or lures, but higher quality gear (I think the article I skimmed said rods as well).

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