Who, What, Where and Why?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. It's a toss up between Mumbles and Mingo. Where, I don't care. Why, because they seem to be the most popular. They must be good!
  2. Reading this post makes me realize that even as long as I've read these forums, and occasionally post (just passed 100 recently) I know everyone else here much better than anyone knows me... I'd love to fish with just about anyone from the forums as I've gained quite a bit of insight and knowledge I couldn't have found elsewhere. I did hook up with LX-88 once and had a great time on the Cedar, hope to do that again. Would be happy to head out anywhere in Northern Idaho with Pan as he seems to have the experience in that neck of the woods. Mumbles I guess goes without saying. Love reading his posts, and I'm sure I'd enjoy a day on the water with him as well. And judging from his own words, he may be the only guy here that casts worse than I do...
  3. Leland anytime, any place for anything because I figure he knows most of all about most or all.

    Anyone over 60 because I figure I can keep up with them.

    Anyone who shoots a 20 gauge double gun for doves and likes to fish small waters hidden and overlooked because its harder.
  4. Holy crap, we need an intervention now. Toss up between me and Mingo. Give that choice anyone choosing me over Mingo needs their dang head examined, seriously, have you seen Mingo's aquarium? Party boat hard charging kick ass weather trips in the 50th state or south of the border. Hands down one of the fishiest and most fun loving party anglers on the interwebs.
  5. When I was in college I had a room mate that couldn't get laid to save his ass. Girls kind of dug him but he just could never close the deal. I questioned him about it once and tried to be as delicate as possible-something along the lines of: "So Ted, what's it like to be such a f-----g loser? Just what are your expectations for a broad at this point?" His response was that he was looking for someone that was "....warm and alive!"

    Finding a fishing buddy over here on the upper east side is about as tough as Ted's efforts to get into a girl's panties. With all the water within an hours drive you would think that after 10 years of effort I would have found someone local to fly fish with. Not even close, so far nothing but worm dunkers and power baiters. I meet guys on the water occasionally but most are from the Spokane area and are about 100 miles from home. I am grateful for all of the guys that have come up to fish with me over the years but it would sure be nice if there was someone that lived 10 minutes away. Sometimes I encounter fishing so good that I would just love to share it with someone but I just have to suck it up and catch all those fish by myself.

    By now my qualifications for a fishing buddy are: "......warm and alive"

  6. Ive, we've had part of that chat before. When the bar is set low enough, I'll finally qualify. Coming to your corner of the planet would be a true treat. Fishing some of that area with you...as the commercial says...priceless.
  7. For my WFF member, I would like to fish with Mingo, in Hawaii, for aquarium fish ... I imagine that would be a blast (with or without La Minga) ...

    For my non-WFF person, Lefty Kreh, Bahamas, bonefish ... my ultimate fishing dream ...
  8. I'd pick my brother, because we just go out and have to much damm fun!!!! He might be coming in to town in March. Can't wait!!!!
  9. This one's easy

    In 1988 I boarded a plane in San Francisco to fly across the country. While I was sitting there, a pleasant looking older lady can walking up the aisle, carrying a silver aluminum fly rod tube with a Sage label on the end. As she was waitng for the aisle to clear, I asked her if she was going fishing and she said ,"No, I was just at a fly fishing seminar in SF and I'm flying back to meet my husband." So I asked, Who did you go see at the seminar?

    And she said, "Well actually, I was giving the seminar, I"m Joan Wulff"


    So we swapped a seat with another passenger so we could sit next to each other and that wonderful woman told me about 6 odd hours worth of fishing stories all the way from SF to Atlanta, through the layover, and then from Atlanta to Tallahassee, Fl. where you know who was waiting to pick her up. It seems Lee Wulff was a guest at the Phipps Plantation which has some of the best Largemouth fishing on the planet. She invited me to meet The Man so I escorted her over to where he was waiting and,

    And he gave me the stink-eye like I was making time with his best girl...

    I was 30 then. He was like 107 or so.

    That was one of the best 6 hours ever.
    That's the closest I've ever been to Royalty


    Joan Wulff
    Atlantic Salmon
    The Miramichi

    She said it's the best there is, her favorite place of anywhere, and she ought to know.
    Hell, I'd go just to hear more stories ... Maybe get a little casting help while I'm at it.
  10. I've fished with a few folks from the board already and greatly enjoyed their company, which may not be a compliment with which they're comfortable reciprocating.

    I'd say high on my priority list would be Mumbles and Old Man.

    But it would have to be a package deal.
  11. social butterfly
  12. DennisV, what an incredible opportunity. I would love to hear her stories, too.
  13. Dennis,

    That has to be my favorite post I've read on this forum so far!
  14. Count me on the nonreciprocating list! :rofl: Actually had a blast last memorial day with the Itchy Dog crew in MT, Can't wait to fish this spring Kirk!
  15. I'm with Ive, "warm and alive". I live in the land of bass and walleye tournaments, and what few trout chasers are around come from far away to troll downriggers or sink bait in Rufus or Roosevelt. It's a rare treat to throw a fly line with another soul. So, pretty much anyone, as long as they aren't a total DB.
  16. My dog. Because he's 2 this summer and mature enough not to mess up the water.
  17. I have chatted with several great members on this site, and met a couple now too...I would fish with any of the fine folks here, and intend to fish with many of them. I would be willing to fish lakes, rivers, and out on the sound. I would bank/shore fish, fish from my pontoon in lakes and rivers, and fish from my 19.5' Glasply on the sound.
  18. Thanks for making me insecure as an angler Mumbles you Jerk:hmmm:! I feel like i am getting picked last for the team, or in this case not at all. No one wants to fish with me, I don't win the popularity contest bawling:bawling:bawling:bawling:! It's ok, now everyone who did not pick me prepared to by lowholed on various rivers!!!!! aahahahahah my revenge will be sweet!!!!:rofl::rofl:
  19. Hey Nate, don't be a doof. I can't copy and paste the whole membership list.

    I'd also like to fish with Denny. That crazy cat was the first guy from WFF that I met live. He sent me a couple of PM's to put me in check early when I mouthed off a bit. I've really come to appreciate his immediate willingness to meet with me and to invest some of his time answering tons of my early questions via PM and in various threads. He's in good company too. I'd like to fish with Porter, the afore mentioned Salmo g and Leland again for much the same reason. Knowledgeable, informative and tolerant of my constant PM's.

    I've mostly been naming folks I've not yet fished with. Those that I have fished with know who they are and I think they are also pretty aware of if I'd like to fish with them again or not...of course more of them likely have me on their "or not" listing.

    Just having fun, so Nate, my dedicated educator, student, fishbum, let's have some fun. If your raft was not bright blue I might have picked you first!
  20. ;)
    And at the top of the popularity list in this thread are Mumbles and OMJ (who are also at the top of the all-time post count list on WFF). I say we crown them Prom King and Queen, and let them sort out who is que...wait, maybe Prom King and Homecoming King would be better.

    In any case, they could probably charge big bucks to people as fishing companions, not as guides, but perhaps as "escorts". ;)

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