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  1. These days, I'd fish with just about anyone f it meant I actually got to get out and fish. Damn kids.

    Perhaps '11 will be better for me in that regard.
  2. Josh-I well remember those first several years with new kids-a very drastic change in lifestyle! Now, with grandkids, it is a lot more fun! One of my almost 5 year olds runs to my tying bench first thing when he gets to our house, wanting to tie flies! How cool is that! I've been reading him Kirk Werner's books and he loves them. Last night he brought out the book and pointed to a purple fly and asked if we could tie that one. I'm having a ball with those kids! Hang in there and you will have a fishing buddy or two of your own! Rick
  3. You say that now because your kids are young and lost water time is acute. Mine are nearing college now and while I've been yearning to re-enter fishing school, I realize this is my last chance to really enjoy being with them on a daily basis. Kids are way over fishing. I've failed at being a fish bum, golf bum and decent father, all at the same time.

    There's light in the tunnel though and soon enough I'll be desperate to fish with any of you.
  4. Josh, it will happen in time. For me it was not so bad because I live so close to so many beaches. I could to an early morning beach assault and be home for breakfast. Same thing in the evening.

    Yuhina, fiberglass switch rods (once I get the handle on mine fixed...thanks in advance Tyler!)...but Mark, please, NOT in New England. I fear fishing wtih you in New England would be fun, but more realistically it would likely mean that I have relocated from the PNW to NE.
  5. Anyone who would be willing to show this Colorado guy how to swing a fly for steelhead. Just have to make it west some day.
  6. I've had the great pleasure of meeting and fishing with a bunch of you! Mumbles, Jim, Dave, Lonnie, Gary, Jeff, Derek, Jesse, Jason and Jerry, just to mention a few. You're all a pretty cool bunch, and it's my honor to be able to call you all friends. But I'd still like to be able to learn about the Methow from Freestone!!
  7. Oh hell. I left off Leaky Tiki. He was fun to fish with. I wonder if he still has that Alpine 'toon he bought from me. it was a sweet little Pontoon boat. Just for lakes.
  8. I'll just throw this out there....I know a place in the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon...you have to pack in..about a four mile hike down to the river...then a twenty mile stroll down the river...can be done in a day or two if you arent fishing...3 days is a good jaunt if you are. There are some rattlesnakes, but if you leave em' alone they'll do the same for you.

    Fabulous Trout, and Dolly Varden fishing. Best undertaken in July. You will not see any rafts or boats go by, you may not even see another person if we're lucky.

    Anyone game?

    I will take the first two who bite with me to my secret spot. Sworn to secrecy...and we'll all know if we want to fish together again after the trip, I gaurantee it!..lol
  9. Guy, JesseCFowl is your man. He's so itching for a trip like you've described. I'm too pathetically unfit to throw my hat into that ring.
  10. OK,

    I'll hold a spot for him if you'll let him know...

    (he'll have to be willing to listen to some of my lame Army stories tho...lol)
  11. He better be reading...Army stories...awesome. He won't have any Army stories, but he'll have some stories for sure.
  12. Any stories'll do...esp fishin' stories!

    BTW...a spey rod would be a handicap on this river...very limited room and a roll cast on a singlehander will get you anywhere you want to go...
  13. Absolutely great post! I'm a couple years ahead of you and can tell you that one of the best things about being an empty nester is the opportunity to rediscover the woman you had those kids with. I don't fish any more now than I did before my last daughter left home for college, but I sure don't miss all the commotion, drama and the crisis du jour.

    Enjoy your time with your kids, but get ready for a sea change soon. Heck, maybe I'll even see you again at another HiLakers' meeting!

  14. Dave, Kent,

    Perhaps one aspect of kids growing up and leaving home that you did not mention is when you can spend some time on the river with them after they have made a life of thier own. I often fish with my sons and even though our daughter will continue to live under our care I enjoy my time with her on the water also. Having grown men that I helped shape spend a day fishing with me is one of my greatest pleasures and I can think of no greater accomplishment in my life.
  15. I get worn out walking across the street. I could never survive that kind of outing.
  16. Absolutely right Kerry. Some of the best times in my life were spent fishing with my father after I'd grown up and left home.

    While I did make many efforts to fish with both my girls, it doesn't seem to have 'stuck' with either of them. My eldest was so traumatized at age 5 by the sight of a trout that had been hooked through its eye that she swore off meat of all kinds for 5 or 6 years. She's 27 and married now and does go camping and fishing with her husband (a bait guy!) although she refuses to touch a rod or a fish.

    My youngest developed a deep passion for English horseback riding in second grade and is now vice president of the University of Montana Equestrian Team. I suppose she'd go fishing with me if I insisted, but that's not where her heart is. (In fairness, clinging precariously on the back of a moving horse doesn't have nearly the same appeal for me as fly fishing!)

  17. The dreaded double post!

  18. Not to thread-hijack this into a conversation about those of us stuck with kids instead of fishing, but I appreciate the comments on the subject. As I'm sure you all know, it's more frustrating and more amazing than I could have imagined. So thanks.
  19. One of the many rewards of being a parent is raising smart, independent children who can make their own choices about what they like and dislike, and arrange their own lives accordingly. I'm sure this will seem completely foreign to those here who haven't even been married, much less had children. But even though you may chafe at how much fatherhood keeps you from your own passion now, there's plenty of time to reconnect later, and many opportunities before then to know you're doing the right thing.

  20. Kerry - I take your point and have given it some thought. Another failure of mine was that I wasn't able to "hook" my girls on fishing (or golf FTM). We had some great father/daughter times but eventually it fell off the to do list. My hope is that I live to see each of them find proper mates THAT LIKE FISHING!!! If so, he/they will be lucky SOBs. Sky's the limit on trips and a DB in the dowry. So I'll put future SILs on my list.

    Kent - I'm sorry I missed an opportunity to fish with you in 2010 but you're still on my radar. I'll get to a meeting again soon.

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