Who, What, Where and Why?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Feb 7, 2011.

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    David-My two daughters live in my town and their husbands have been converted to fly fishing (by me) and I have at least one grandchild who caught his first trout (and ate it) at age 3 1/2. He will definitely be my fishing buddy as he gets older (at least I hope!) Now I need to work on the other grandson! I feel very lucky about all of this. Rick
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    Think about this time and enjoy it..the best years are the early ones..getting to go see cartoon movies again...lying to them about santa etc....makes you a kid again..
    Then the teenage years come and if your a good parent, they'll be hard at times but a whole nother ball game..and before you know it....they are off...My youngest just started college this year...Very melancholy at first walking by their rooms at night heading for bed and thinking about all that happened in such a short time...

    As far as this gaydar thread.......

    Since no ones taken Poppy, Old Micheal will sure do... so Him and M. Kinney, Bob Meiser as he's a trolly mofu. as well...Adrianne and k8 since I'd forgotten the important spey woman in my life...Crump might not trust me...at least in my mind anyways...so he can come....and Bob told me he wanted a bottle of this 16 year old scotch..begins with an L.... So fuck it, will have to get a few of them even though I don't drink...sipping might be allowed...So screw the fishing, we'll call it a clave...and Kerry you can come too...since I know all your spots and appreciated getting them....

    Maybe Natalie too..just ...well just...
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    I sure hope you don't think it was a failure on your part your girls did not take up fishing. Look at Kent's children. Very successful and I am sure he has all the pride in the world for them even if they don't fish. I sure feel lucky my sons and my daughter also enjoy fishing with the old man. Sure puts a smile on my face but you know I would be just as proud and just as happy if they didn't. I can still take pride in the fact they all grew up to be productive, contributing members of society.


    I bought my grand daughter a new pink fishing "pole" for Christmas and she reminds on a regular basis that we are going fishing as soon as the lakes open. She is five and I can't wait to take her fishing.

    So there the truth is; I would rather fish with my grand daughter than with any of you.
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    I'm sure glad youse all fish with kids. I don't have the patience to fish with kids anymore. I used to ask my buddies when we went if they were bringing their kids along and if they said yes, I didn't fish with them that day.
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    I'd completely forgotten how much fun it was to take them to animated movies. I'd snooze through the boring ones like 'Land Before Time'. But later on 'Toy Story' and 'The Incredibles' were a hoot! My youngest still loves 'em, even though she'll be 20 in a few months. Her boyfriend bought her 'Despicable Me' for Christmas and we all watched it when she came home. Thanks for the reminder!

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    The prime weeks in Russia=where and when.
    The person who pays for it=who.
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    Tell me more about your daughter......and roughly how big is her boyfriend and what does he do for a living?
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    Tell me it ain't so... I had no idea :beathead:

    I can now see why I should use words like "fisherperson". Good to know you have such a great sense of humor -- god only knows the world could use bucket loads of it :thumb:

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    Freestone, because she's constantly ducking me and then sending me totally sick fish porn pictures. Anywhere she'd like and I'll even pick her up. We hook up this year for sure. Once on the Yakima with the gang was not enough!

    Yellowlab and Denny. Met both of these gents early in my days at WFF, buying gear from them if I recall. Both have insightful comments that I may not always agree with 100% but insightful nonetheless. Both have shared very good information with me and taught me much through the forums and PMs. For that I'd fish with them anywhere they'd be willing to go.

    More later, I jotted down a few names today on the notebook I keep inside my pocket protector.
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    Ducking you? Hey, it's not my fault you live so far away and that I have to compete with 3 other females for your time! You have to move closer. Just think how much fishing you'd get in if you lived over here! Ok, so here is a public invite :) and we'll see who is ducking whom: Feb 26 &/or 27th, March 12 &/or 13th, March 19 &/or 20th, March 26 &/or 27. The river: you know where.

    Gary, when it 56 the other day, I was looking up the hill and wishing it was time already. We'll have to keep an eye on the ice as there is on year-round one I want to hit after ice-out. Alex, you are welcome to join us anytime and you could even bring the pooches if Her Ladyship is at work. And even if Ed can't make any of the above dates, you and I are going to have to go without him!
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    You can't invite me on weekends you know that I already have children's theater, Hoh Down and Mrs' birthday. That just ain't right. If I took you up on any of those public offers I'd be in pretty big trouble. And now your gonna be out there slamming the fish with Dirty Dog...have got to add him to my list too. He just flat out gets after it.

    Mike Doughty, but not in Utah. I think there are warrants involved.

    Papafsh, fishing his swap flies is just not enough. And I think he's a fan of boats too.

    Stew McLeod, I hear good things and he sometimes agrees with the foolishness that I spout out.
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    I'll be sure to torture you with fish porn! Then again, the weather is warming up so even if you got kicked outside to the doghouse, it wouldn't be so bad!