Who will be there?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tony the Trout, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I'm going to Lenice for the opener! :thumb: I will be driving a white Dakota with canopy, and tent camping in a green North Face tent.

    Don't be shy, come over and say Hi.


    ps I will try not to double park behind you Dave Pardo :eek:
  2. Tony, I plan to be at Nunnally soon waiting for the Doctors okay since the shoulder surgery and getting the shingles. Cant wait, hope you all have a good time at Lenice.
  3. TM - Did you get permission to print that picture? There may be royalties involved.

    TtT - Too funny about the double parking. I remember that from last year. Kinda figured that you knew the person in front since you didn't leave much room for them to leave.

  4. man, that really threw me and my buddy for a loop when you parked behind me. I could see your car behind mine as I was pushing out my pontoon and thinking - what the hell?
    then when I got to my sub, I was expecting to see somone come out from behind a car laughing and saying it was all a joke. Luckily I had room to manuever forward. But the entire time I was thinking - who would do something like this. If it happened in Seattle, there would been broken glass or something worse(not me, saying anyone else).

    I will be at Lenice 7, 8 and 9. I am trying to get there on the opener to walk my boat in.
    Stay tuned.

  5. its a tradition with my family to go to bay lake, is anybody else going to bay lake. i figured not but, if i don't ask i can't know for sure.
  6. Bay? You gotta long wait for the opener......
  7. when does lenice lake open {or is it lake lenice}?
  8. i might be going, im not sure though. i need to start checking through my stillwater box to make sure i have all the flies i think i will use. all i really need for spring at lenice is a lot of damsels and chronies i guess.
  9. 223, try white buggers or zonkers or bunnie leeches besides the chronnies and damsels.
  10. M.B. did you get permission to take the pic?
  11. Yep, from Bart..... He wanted me to crop you out.
  12. Well were not to worried about that as you cant even re-size the picture. Neener- Neener

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