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  1. Okay, now that I have cast both rods. I borrowed some lines. Drury 62' floater about 600 grains with 10' polyleader, airflo compact skagit 540 with 5 foot cheater and 15' t-14 and lastly a fall favorite 45 500grn with a 10' polyleader.

    First off the Drury is way to advanced for me at this time(maybe the grn window also)

    The winston cast both the airflo and FF45 well. The airflo setup casts and turns over well to about 95 feet with a more open loop and I have to slowdown and wait for the upper part of the rod to finish. The FF45 was similar, but I could cast to 100 +- with a nice loop.

    The LeCie cast both the airflo and FF45 well. The airflo setup results were similar to the winston in that I had to cast a more open loop. The LeCie really liked the FF45 in that I could throw really tight loops and just a tad bit further.This did not seem like a finicky rod for my current style of casting.

    This is the start of my quest for a larger river line. I know alot depends on my casting. I would appreciate your two-bits on other lines and setups. At some point I will be getting rid of one of these rods.
  2. The FF45 worked good on my LeCie the one time I tried it. Have mostly used Power Tapers or DDC from 520 to 550 gr.
    This rod shines using sinking lines. Other lines may work as well, but as expected, the Guideline rods and lines work good together.
  3. tough to beat the Swede line on that rod for a floater! Makes Mademoiselle act...well...easy if you have a light touch.
  4. To extend the metaphor...try just the tip if you want tight loops.
  5. ouch...ouch...youre on my line, Ben.

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