Who's going to the Red's Rendezvous

Discussion in 'Events' started by William Wallace, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. All I can say is" OMG" Oh my god, I actually got leave from the military!!! It's been forever and I am coming back to Washington!!!

    My brother, John and I are going to hit either the Yak and go to the Rendezvous or hit another creek some where east ( Rocky Ford).

    I know I have never met a lot of you from the site, but I think it would be cool to do a meet and greet with a little fishing.

    So, please send a PM where you might be that day and would like to introduce and have some fishing fun! Oh ya a little "fire ball whiskey tooooooo :beer1:

    William BRAVHEART Wallace

  2. dude, fish the yakima, not the zombie infested mutant creek.

    yakima is way better by every measure (except maybe average fish size)
  3. Well will be at RF, March 26th, hope to me if you are there. Will just be great to get back home and fish some with my brother. If enough people can change my mind to hit the Yakima and meet, it does not take much to twist my arm.
  4. I'll be doing the lunch at Red's that day, and maybe a demo or two in the dutch ovens. So stop by and say hi William. :)
  5. Lunch....well that just twisted my arm!!!
  6. Count me in at Reds! That should be the first weekend after the end of the BBall season. Perfect timing!
  7. I will be there with my brother and nephew. Do a lil fishing before and after. Sounds like it will be a great day. Will smell for the good food and stop by to say, HI!!!
  8. I'll be there Fri-Sun. Hope to see you there.
  9. Yep, I'll probably stop in on Saturday.
  10. Three more days of work, get on the airplane, then back home (seattle) for some quality time with my oldest daughter and fishing on Saturday on the Yak. Bringing my 10' 3/4 and a new switch handle conversion I made for it, casts a 7wt Ambush nice and my redneck built 12' 5/6 to swing some streamers and things. Just happy to get out, with my bro and nephew!!!

    So I will be on the look out for any WFFF newbies and old. We will get to the Red's Rendezvous, so be on the look out for the Wallace Clan!!!!

    Hope to see ya there or on the river


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