Why are people getting banned or parked?

Discussion in 'New Features, Site News, Issues Info.' started by TallFlyGuy, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. A few others, then Coach Duff was banned, and now Haunted by waters is gone. Who else has been banned that I am unaware of, and why?
  2. i'm surprised i've never been axed
  3. This Q is left best to Chris. IMHO let is lie.
  4. Yes ban this low holing steelface stealing punk kid! :clown:

    Okay, I'm just jealous... Mr. 3 fo 3! :cool: And you do know your beers! :beer1:
  5. 3 trips, 3 hookups, 2 landed. i think that's more of a 2.5 for 3
  6. I didn't know Duff and HBW were banned. Beats me. I liked both Duff and HBW. It's not like they were the only ones posting that are a bit shy on social skills.

  7. I heard Duff was banned because someone thought he was pimping his services and complained about it?
  8. How do you know they were banned?
  9. Perhaps because neither name is included in the members list?

  10. First most useless thread of '10
  11. Back in my lurking days, I recall Coach Duff asking Chris to ban him so he can't return. He was not pleased with the way people were taking his comments, thus asking for a ban to never return.

    idk about HBW, I liked his comments alot.
  12. That doesn't sound like the conversation I had with Duff. None the less if you own the site you can do what you want. We also don't see the stuff that happens in PM's or the "private section".
  13. Lets talk about somthing worthwhile.

    Floatinghat, like your handle. Everytime I see it I am reminded of fishing the Ronde and watching a member of our camp wading across the river above the cable hole. He slipped and fell in leaving only his hat floating.
  14. Kerry, Prior to kids I was a very aggressive wader. The friend who got me into flyfishing said one night over some beverages. " Keep it up and one day there will be nothing left but a floatinghat". I have come close on the Thompson a few times but that is not an exclusive club :).
  15. That's the second time you've stepped on this subject, approaching without facts and out of line. Seams your approach is just to stir things up. A notice was given a bit ago regarding a push to moderate things a bit. May not be fresh in your mind, perhaps you missed it, but take note that while tossing folks is very infrequent it'll still be done as needed, irregardless of one's past activity or how tall their friends are.

    As for calling this out openly in an attempt to undermine the moderators, the better approach is to take it offline with a PM to me directly.

    Thread closed.

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