Why I hate Steelhead.....

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  1. It all starts with the idea " ill just go give it a try"..... So you go give it a try a couple of times, and than you get maybe a tug or two. Once you get a tug or two than you land your first steel..... After your first you tell your self well maybe just on more fish and than Ill go fish for something else. Trip after trip, "just one more fish". Than you get another fish. After that you find your self driving all over this damn state chasing steel. Sure you get a tug and a fish every once in a while, and the rush that comes from that. The thing that I hate about steelhead is that I have been in a little bit of a dry spell and after every trip or time out to the river with no fish I tell my self " i think I need a little break from steelhead". Than when the middle of the week hits I start getting a a little itch.... Should I fish this weekend? Should I take a break? Thursday hits and at some point in the middle of the day I have suddenly made a plan for the weekend of where to fish... How does this happen? God damn steelhead must be more addictive than meth... Thats why I hate steelhead
  2. for sure you got it bad
    I think you get if you had chiken pox when you were a kid
    and it flares up after the first tug
  3. I myself decided that this fall I was not going to chase any steel and yet I still found myself cast after cast targeting the dang things while my buddy pounded trout after trout on one of my favorite stillwaters. No More! Except for maybe the first weekend in November, then maybe just one more trip, but after that I swear I'm done, ok I might hit it again in... Oh who the hell am I kidding. With that though I will also throw in some lakes. Lucky me, I'm obsessed with both.
  4. Yeah i have already planned out november.....
  5. Salmon in the river . . . I should put some in the freezer! Salmon in the river . . . I should put some in the freezer! Salmon in the river, I think I will go steelheading!
    It is definately a disease and I don't want the cure!
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  6. That same progression led me to upland and waterfowl hunting...
    Off to tag some birds!
  7. Yep. Me too... Headed out the door right now to go do some swingin' and nymphin' for steel on a central WA Columbia River tributary. Gonna be awesome! Might even get a tug or two...
  8. Day one of last week's three day trip: 34 degrees air temp, 42 degree water temp and standing up to my armpits, three of my partners fell and got wet, one pull on dangle at noonish, one bump at about 5pm, and then at dark when stepping down on the dangle- fish on. What a great day! Friends back home don't understand.....

  9. My wife just read that at my request and asked if I wrote it. I am on day a freakin lot wo a tug on the CW ! Yet. Need to go!

  10. And here we go.... Went out this morning and I was 1/3 fish and the addiction continues...... This does not help with the addiction only makes it that much worse...... IMG_0686.JPG IMG_0684.JPG
  11. The tug's the drug. What's wrong with that? Reality is over-rated.

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  12. Salmo,
    What's wrong with that? Well the logical progression from there finds you ....living in a van, down by the river. Troutpounder, A ClA with a Deco and a Airflow compact Skagit. The new NW classic, I might get that outfit tattoo'ed on my back
  13. The only thing Ive found to replace the drug of steelhead flyfishing now that I live here in SO-CAL is bluefin tuna on a fly rod....and its so different it doesnt compare. No river solitude, no graceful art of the cast and presentation, just hooking a bullet shaped freight train........I like fishing for steelhead so much more.

    At least I can eat the tuna though....
  14. YA what he said:cool:
    I've got a love hate relationship with em also...I wouldnt change a thing myself:D
    Cept fish more!!!
  15. While it would be nice to have lets say a sage one, I LOVE this setup! The deco is an awesome rod, you cant beat a ross CLA! Good call on the skagit head. How did you know that? I vote yes on the tattoo by the way
  16. Tuna on a fly rod is on my cancer list. ( A cancer list is my list of things to do if my wife gets cancer and dies. Taylor swift is also on the list!)
  17. I used to be a cook up in Granite Falls and I can say with the utmost accuracy that there is no whitewater, meth or steelhead around these parts... if you are looking for any of the above please travel between Brady and Wishkah. The Granite Falls Chapter of Glass'd Spey Casters thanks you for parking with your cars unlocked.

    Nice fish. But why did you let me see it. Now I have to go check my gear.

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