Why no trophy lake in south King County?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by CovingtonFly, May 19, 2009.

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    Looking at all the lakes in the south king area by my neck of the woods I'm wondering why we can't get one of them to be a catch and release trophy lake. There is a shit ton of lakes around here and it would be nice if I didn't have to drive to pass lake or cady lake to get some decent fish. What about rattlesnake, that's non baited lures only right why isn't that managed to be a trophy lake?
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    Lake Youngs is managed that way. Just hop the fence (preferably in low light morning conditions) and wade out into the lake a little bit, and start casting! I'm sure you'll be surprised!
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    Although I'm not familiar with that area, check the regs carefully and you may be surprised at the # of lakes with quality "selective gear" restrictions. The main problem is that many of these lakes are not very actively managed and are not C&R. The lakes you mention are good ones, but they rely heavily on planting from WDFW.

    I agree there should be more of these types of lakes. Regulation proposals in this direction would undoubtedly have strong opposition from locals and property owners around the lake (assuming there are any). However I do know of several people that are almost strictly catch and keep fisherman, yet they still like to fish lakes like Pass simply because they get tired of catching the dinky plants that are put in surrounding waters. Note the huge crowds that flock to the triploid lakes.

    From the perspective of WDFW, there is probably a lot more $$ in license sales etc.. from the put-n-take type fisheries.
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    Pick a lake or two that you think would make a good trophy C&R/selective gear rules lake and submit a proposal to WDFW. If you can talk to your regional bios about it and have them help you identify likely lakes, you'll be miles ahead. Proposals are due June 1st:

  5. Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

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    Good call, and I know it's obviously easier said than done converting a put-n-take over regardless of how lopsided it is now. I've had that discussion with more than just a friend or two...this many fly fishers and minimal c&r waters around given the endless number of lakes we have. Would be nice seeing one or two (or more) of the "less popular" year round lakes designated and managed as ff only c&r - if only the landowner issues etc could be overcome. FF'ing bias notwithstanding, if I had property on one it seems the conversion would only enhance the overall quality of the lake (less riff-raff, littering, etc), not just the fishing.
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    I'll have to try that. Do you care to join me? I've seen some nice bucks in there to so we'll have to bring some guns along too. If we get lucky maybe the evening will be celebrated with a little surf and turf. :beer2:
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    I think a C&R trophy lake would be a real asset to a community. This could be a real draw for fishermen and bring some nice money for local business. If a guy set up a fly shop near the lake he would also have a good bit of Cedar river fishermen in his shop as well.
    I would be interested to see if there would be much resistance from home owners or the community in converting one of the put and take lakes as there are so many options out this way.
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    When you look at how many of us make the drive up to Pass on a regular basis I can't help but think a lake managed in the same manner down here would be a huge success. As previously stated, I think the surrounding land owners of such a lake would be our largest obstacle. Therefore, finding a lake with minimal development around it would be the key.

    While not in King county, Cassidy in Snohomish comes to mind as a candidate. Very little developed shoreline, (maybe a half dozen houses?), some good structure, depth goes down to 30' feet in places so threat of winter kill would be minimal, open year-round, and after the initial post stocking rush there isn't a whole lot of pressure.

    Just an idea....
  9. Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

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    Many years ago it was down to Lake Sixteen in Skagit county or Pass in Island county to be a fly only Lake. I was hoping Lake Sixteen since my parents held property there. But Alas the other property owners were meat hunters. Now Sixteen is a very sterile put and take with the bucket bios plantings bass and no more self restocking cutthroat from the inlet on the East end.:(
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    Not sure I remember the history of Pass correctly and hopefully someone with a better memory and more knowledge will chime in. Pass Lake was adopted by the Fidalgo Fly Fishers sometime ago and with persistance, hard work and some concessions to WF&G (the name of the dept. at the time) managed to get Pass Lake designated a trophy lake with c&r regulations and management. It took a bunch of people, the right timing, and work to get it done and I am not sure the same conditions are around today to pull off the same thing again. But, the same approach would likely be needed down south. I can contact some of the longer term members of the Fidalgo club and find out just how it was done if you all want to know.
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    I would love to hear the story on Pass Lake and the effort it took to make it to what it is today. I would also like to add that I'll support any efforts to create a trophy lake(s) in the King/Snohomish County region.
  12. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    yeah that way all you riff raff can stay the hell away from MY pass lake.

    and who the hell has been parking in my spot!!?? :beathead:

    at least until i see photogs of 25" browns
  13. Trent Ugly member

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    I wish there was one in snohomish county, seeing as how Ebey (Little) Lake is toast due to landowners.
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    ...and who the hell has been parking in my spot!!??

    Sorry Sean, that's the only place I could find:D

    Camera was in the car which, as I mentioned, was in your parking place so no pics. Again, my apologies.:thumb:
  15. Dale Dennis Formally Double-D

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    You will need to do the home work and find a lake that has the potential for supporting a selective fishery (1 fish over 18”), I say selective fishery because it will become very difficult to get anything more restrictive. Look for the following when selecting a lake.

    1. Talk to your local WDFW biologist they may have some suggestions for lake selection, and work with them through out the process.
    2. Fewer home owners the better
    3. A lake that is not a popular put and take lake
    4. Shallow enough in places to be conducive to fly fishing.
    5. Fertile enough (insects) to grow trout fairly quickly
    6. When you and your biologist feels confident in your selection submit in the next WDFW rules change.
    7. Have good backing from the fly fishing community, clubs, organizations, get them involved.

    These are the steps we took to change Lone Lake to a selective fishery in 97, however, we took it a step further by doing a put and take and Lake ecology study with WDFW biologists vs, catch and release which may or may not be necessary these days.
    It’s big advantage to WDFW when it comes to selective fishery’s, the cost of planting fish for put and take vs. catch and release, and not to mention policing itself.

    As mentioned by Trent we lost Ebey (Little) Lake because of land owner access issues, which by the way Ebbey is one of the few remaining lakes besides Pass to be fly fishing only. The Evergreen Fly Fishing Club petitioned the now WDFW and changed it to fly only in the early to mid 50’s.
    Because of this we are now beginning our search for another Lake in Snohomish or Skagit County for a selective fishery.
  16. CovingtonFly B.O.H.I.C.A. bend over here it comes again

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    Thank you Double-D,
    Off the top of my head Rattlesnake seems like a good fit. It's already a no bait lake right? There's no houses around it. I don't know that the lake itself is conducive to growing big fish, does anyone have any knowledge of this?
    Anyone have some lakes in mind that would be good candidates?
  17. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    RattlesnakeFlyGuy seems to have that place pretty dialed in. Shoot him a PM. I enjoyed my first trip over there. There was limited bug activity that I saw. I heard someone use the phrase "somewhat sterile". I bet some lunkers could grow there, lots of cover in and around all those stumps.
  18. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    rattlesnake aint the place.

    its isnt puttin out crankers unless they were stocked that way. lone and pass grow fish quickly. the lakes are highly fertile and fish but on inches in a year. if they would stop flooding the lake with yearly plants i guarantee you there would be more 22+" bows (like there used to be). but i digress.....

    i dont have a better suggestion as im not all too familiar with the lakes south of me. but i do know RSL is not the lake. just doesnt grow em
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  20. KerryS Ignored Member

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    Do you fill out the catch info cards at Pass Lake? If not you have no room to complain about how the lake is managed. The information from the cards is gathered by the Fidalgo Fly Fishers and used by WDFW to manage the lake. Please fill out the catch information cards when you fish Pass. They are a valuable management tool.