Why no trophy lake in south King County?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by CovingtonFly, May 19, 2009.

  1. what catch cards????
  2. Have you guys heard of Moss Lake? Its out in Duvall/Carnation area right next to lake Joy. Its not a huge lake at all but I have allways thought it would be the perfect lake for somthing like this. They made it a nature park a few years ago so no one lives on the lake at all.
  3. I'll have them supply some at your parking spot (I've already been working on getting you a street light and an outhouse over there). Tried to get you a turn lane but they wouldn't widen the road right there.
  4. And it wouldn't hurt to drop a buck or two in the donation box. :D
  5. You know less about Pass Lake than I thought. The cards are at the information board in the main parking lot.
  6. I haven't fished Rattlesnake in many years but it has good potential to be a selective fishery and as for the plants that can be changed.
  7. thanks man :thumb:. ive grown tired of pissing on that bush.

    but about the catch cards.... i lterally had no idea there was such a thing ( i do park on the road about 89.3% of the time however). ive never seen anyone fill one out nor have i ever heard anyone mention it. and i fish pass probablly more than i should. are you sure they are stocked up? if so i've apparently missed the boat. im afraid many others have also missed out on this as well.

    ill be up there tomorrow for the late shift i'll be sure to look for the phantom cards.

    maybe a PSA on the main forum would be a good idea. im curious to see how many people actually fill those things out. as you stated they could be clutch in managing the lake. too many rainbows out there to grow them big.

    i mean seriously. when was the last time you heard of a 24" rainbow? i havent seen one since 06.
  8. 23" last sunday night/morning at around midnight. Not quite 24" though.
  9. a legititmate 23"?

    not a 21" that looked bigger?

    come clean trent did you tape it? haha
  10. 24" a couple of weeks back plus a 22" after that. FF/C&R only spot. Hell of a good day with a 4wt! Wanna show me some of them big browns?
  11. i meant from pass lake....
  12. Okay, I thought you were just looking for larger rainbows. I guess I'll trip over a brown eventually.
  13. No, didn't tape it, but I had one of those little measue nets. Though I don't give them to be the most accurate, about 23":thumb::D:D
  14. yeah ed we are hording the browns up here. ive got 6 lakes around here to choose from.
  15. I'd never heard of the catch cards either but I looked for them Thursday afternoon and sure enough, they are there. Pencils too!
  16. They have been there as far as I know since my first trip there in 1992.
  17. Anyone have suggestions on lakes or are we just giving measurments on fish now?
  18. Moss Lake
  19. the thought has crossed my mind that if there were at least one C&R/FFO trophy lake in each county on the Wet side, that tourist dollars would pour into this state.
    There oughtta be a LAW.
  20. I repeat my suggestion for Cassidy based on the following:

    1. High nutrient level
    2. Minimal shoreline development
    3. Depth to 30', good for wintering over of fish but still plenty of shallows for fly fishing.
    4. Doesn't appear to be a heavily fished lake once the post stock rush is over.
    5. It does support a healthy bass population. I see no reason it wouldn't support a trout population if managed to do so.
    6. Limited access from shore, less of a threat from poachers.
    7. Small enough to be easily fished from a tube/pontoon or any other human powered craft.
    8. It's 5 minutes from my house:rofl:

    Ok, disregard item 8. As previously stated, we need more of these lakes and I will support the effort regardless of what body of water is picked.

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