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  1. How come stillwater's trout reports has been so quiet on the recent fishing reports lately? would love to here from some of you guys.
    I havent been out much myself this year unfortunately hopefully soon, so I need to hear from you guys so I know where to go!!
  2. Most (not all) of the good stillwater trout fishing in WA is a spring and fall affair. The second half of the 2011 stillwater season is about to get underway. I'm starting with a trip to Montana in a couple weeks then will be focused on the basin lakes through Thanksgiving.
  3. Most of Washington's good trout fishing lakes are too warm to fish right now if you have the best interests of the trout at heart. The exceptions, of course, are spiny ray lakes and those at high elevations.
  4. I've been fishing Coldwater once a week for the last month or so. Been doing okay. Not great, but enough action to keep me out all day and keep me coming back for more.

  5. Nothing like the heat of summer to put the still in stillwater.

  6. Yep have to agree with most of whats being said . went to merrill a week ago and most of the good fish were in the 21 to 23 or 30 to 33 foot range . went to coldwater for the first time 3 weeks ago , went clear to the other end thinking there was a river that dumped in up their for cold water and flow to fish and it was just little crick with very little water coming in making about a 10 foot wide and long swirl into the lake . caught some fish on the surface early following schools but they were in the 10 to 13 inch range . almost nothing on the fish finder at that end . did some indicator fishing because i didn't want to bother the smaller schooling fish - could of followed them around but was looking for large fish . caught about a 14 incher on indi's but very slow . came back to the boat ramp end and fished around noon to 1:30 in the high sun and lost a couple smaller ones in the 12 to 14 inch range . nothing big , but it was the first time their . will wait til the river lifts and the water cools down some . i can imagine in the spring at the upper end of the lake it would be good for large fish with much more water running in and pre spawn fish . got to the rig to find a torn tire from the drive on the trailer - no worries had a spare and what a view ! i worked for warehouser in the 70's planting trees and thinning and building fire trails and many other things . this was my first trip back since the eruption all i can say is ---- WOW ---- Saw three herds of elk on the way in with two bulls one being a 5 point . all in all a good day .
  7. Fishcentral,

    Thanks for the report on the other end of Coldwater. I'm in a pontoon and there's no way I'm rowing the 2 or 3 miles to the other end, but I've always wondered what was up there.

    I do well in that cove out and to the right of the boat ramp. There's the old riverbed that runs through there, so it drops from about 5 feet down to about 12 or 15 and there's lots of fish hanging around there. Also by the island straight out from the ramp.

    Let me know when you're heading up that way again and we'll see if we can cross paths.

  8. Thanks , and yeah when we got back to the boat ramp end we went over to the inlet or cove and also checked out the two points and how they drop and can be fished on both sides from one anchor spot . it looked a lot better for structure at the boat ramp end . we took a 14 foot lavro with 2 batteries and electric , it made it pretty easy to get up their to the far end and had plenty of battery left when we got done . we took two encase a strong wind came up to come back against . used one to get their and the other to get back , we had plenty of battery left in both but didn't have much wind at all to battle .

    That end seemed to be more of a big mud flat with a little bit of weed beds but not much , like you say next time in the fall (soon) i will just stay at the boat ramp end . but in the spring i bet that river mouth is hot - hot fishing ! and i will try and let you know when i go next . i'm looking for a few more fly fishing buddy's . seems i tie all our flies and make all the plans and have all the knowledge (what little that may be) because both my friends i've been fishing with are new to fly fishing ! i wouldn't know what was going on if i didn't have to do EVERYTHING LOL j/k but sometimes its nice to just go fish and not worry about teaching someone else , and someone else's knowledge and conversation of the sport sure would be nice . you don't have anything against drift boats do you ? LOL J/K TIGHT LINES .
  9. well i am pretty new to fly fishing so thanks for the replys becuase i learned a few things from you guys just now.
  10. WFF Rule #8: The better the action, the more quiet everyone becomes :clown:
  11. Stillwater today. Spiny rays x 4 to hand. All small, but they were the first bass taken on a fly. All hit poppers. One trolling deep sculpin take, hard hit, two tough pulls then slack. Wonder what that was.
  12. As evident by the Saltwater Forums 28 pages plus about pink fishing.

  13. What are rules 1-7? :rofl:
    Thanks for the help yesterday FF. It was nice to meet you and talk.
  14. Well, here are 1 and 2 for starters:
    1. No pic = it didn't happen
    2. Don't ask, just follow the blue squiggly lines

    Mark, glad I ran into you out there. Really enjoyed hanging out + we'll have to chase some of those browns when fall arrives.

  15. here's a stillwater report:

  16. I fished some still waters ourside of Wasilla in Alaska about 13 years ago in July. I rented a float tube from a shop in Anchorage and fished stimulators on the surface. That was fun. Were you anywhere around there Monkey?

  17. OK, that "fly" looks like a tied up piece of bacon with a little square of cheese for a head. Not sure about the "wings". But hey, if it catches fish.......
  18. That was a cool report. I got skunked today on a lake with a central land mass. I was trying to tease out some spiny ray panfish and bucket mouths. Nada. My 6 y/o rowed the Scadden Outfitter for about a half hour, tracked straight and really impressed! My 8 y/o jumped off the boat into the lake and swam all the way to shore which was a long way away, really impressed again!
  19. Mumbles, are you and Steve related?
  20. Sure, we are fly fishermen, we are all related. Actually, no. Strange, huh? When he and I met we both wondered the same thing.

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