Why Steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by NomDeTrout, Mar 8, 2010.

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    because no other fish turns me into such an idiot...
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    Yeah, probably butt hurt cuz WA steelheading sucks lately, but I've known for many years that steelhead are over rated. Having fished for them a while and caught a few, I've learned enough to know that most of what I read and hear about steelheading is BS. ". . . suddenly the water exploded in front of me as the crimson-sashed ambassader of the wide Pacific shot spray from the river on my face. My reel screamed as the fly line disappeared and exposed a depth of backing that was seeing the light of day for the first time this trip. Struggling to regain my balance, I stumbled to the shore and ran down the gravel bar in pursuit of this mighty foe. . . . ad naseum . . . JFC, the average steelhead I catch I play and land on the length of line I was fishing at the time of the hookup, all without a disc drag reel, no less. I do have backing on my reels, for those not-so-average steelhead, but learned only recently from this forum that I really should be using 30# instead of 20# dacron on these mightly battlers - with my 8# tippet, yeah, over-rated. I enjoy fishing for them like no other fish, but I can still be honest about the experience.

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    Well stated !

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    Eh, maybe it's just me but the rivers I fish seem to be more packed during Salmon Runs than during steelhead seasons? Dunno, just an observation.

    Any way, one morning hiking in to do some steelheading with a buddy, I stopped, turned to him and said, "Do ya hear that". He said "Hear what?" I replied "That is the sound of me not getting bitched at by my wife or clients or boss".

    That's why!
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    It's the process for me, I love all of it. If there were atlantic salmon around here, I would no doubt fish for them, but there's not so Steelhead are it. I love to grow vegetables, now I could go to the food co-op and get vegies that are just as good, but it would not be the same. There is something about it that is deeply satisfying, right down in my gut. From planning what I will grow, to planting, to stepping out my door and picking some fresh beets, they just seem to taste better. Steelheading is the same for me, it satisfies my soul. And with all the other bullshit I've got to worry about, that is valuable to say the least! I gave up the body count years ago, I'll never be the worlds greatest steelheader, or any other kind of fisher for that matter, but it dosen't matter because I do it for me, not you or anyone else. I fish for other species, and enjoy it greatly, but for me nothing else compares, it's just my preference.