Why would I buy an 8 weight for steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by sickclown, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Dude, then use your 5 weight. It appears you have already convinced yourself.
  2. Cause you need at least an eight weight to throw an Intruder! You should choose your stick based on the size of the BUG, not the fish.

    Tied by: John Hicks.
  3. Why? :confused: ...simply ..." 5 weight because it might". ..." An 8 weight because it can" :thumb: :beer2:
  4. Bert, that is one sexy intruder.:thumb:
  5. Ok, I know everybody doesn't say 8 weight. Bert gives the answer that I was taught at the fly shop - match the rod to the fly. And I could see that if it's windy and you're rigged heavy it might be hard to use a 5 weight. But as far as bringing in the fish, if a normal medium action 5 weight pulls as hard as the normal medium action 8 weight, with everything being equal, then using the 5 weight wouldn't be hurting the fish in any way. In Schecks test the 5 weight would be better at bringing in the fish then the 8 weight he used. The fish would be brought in faster. It would have less trauma no matter the size of the fish or how wild it is. By the way I still can't believe that nobody has read this book. They should have it at the library. At mine it's only 25 cents to order a book from one of the main branches. And I've seen some gigantic fish pulled out of these streams wild or not.
  6. I agree with Richard. Break out your five weight and go fishing already.... Go find out for yourself how it works and how much pressure you can put on the fish. If it works for you and your happy with it then its probably the right rod for you and good for you. Put down the book and go try her out. Let us know how it goes. Kevin
  8. What is the point of this discussion? The majority of posts I've on this subject say that catching a steelhead is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, couched in a myth and surrounded by ever expanding rings of BS. I would sooner target a rod for spanking the occasional Sasquach wandering along the bank than I would for catching a steelhead.
  9. "Speak softly and carry a big stick."
    -President Theodore Roosevelt.

    Greatest President...EVER. Unlimited wisdom. Anyway, my $.02, if you can afford the 8, get the 8, you'll probably find it alot more effective when fishing steelhead. But, then again, if you want to, fish the 5. It's really up to you. Which one do you really think will do the job?
  10. Crap, just go out and use a 7' 3 wt of them because a modern graphite 7' 3 wt is stronger than the 7' 4wt bamboo Bob Arnold and Walt Johnson used to catch many summer steelhead.

    In other words, quit trying to convince us that a 5 wt is stronger (pulls harder than an 8 wt). I mean this ranks right up there with the argument of whether a single-hander is better for salmon and steelhead than one of those overly long, weighs too much, telephone pole 2-handers some of us prefer to use.

    Go out and fish your 5 wt already and stop telling us it is the better choice. Then let us know how it worked for winter steelhead.

  11. Great post! :rofl:

    "Surrounded by ever expanding rings of BS" is a classic image. I am serious.
  12. Steelhead are all over the streams in Buffalo. They're not that hard to catch. Dead drift eggs or nymphs at the right depth. Swing flies at the right depth. Spey, Muddlers, Buggers, egg sucking leaches, they realy arn't that picky. Just don't spook them when they're all lined up for a nascar race. Winter steelhead are the wimpiest cause they are too cold. I was hoping that maybe since this is a fishing message board and people have to read to use it, that somebody would have read the book and tried the test. I guess I'll have to test it myself. I'm not trying to convince anybody anything. At least I'm not just stating the party line. Scheck also has a book about fly tying thats pretty good. My next rod - probably a stinking 8 weight - will be built by me after I buy his rod building book. I wonder if there's a fan club Thread for Art Scheck on this site. If not I'll have to start one. With one little rod pulling comparison whod have thought he would have become the most controversial person in fly fishing. iagree:clown:
  13. No point in reading books, we have real steelhead over here. :D

    Bring your 5wt over to the clearwater and test that theory. You lose.
  14. Where's clearwater in dreamland. You probably never caught a fish in your life. Duh, my fish are bigger than yours, Duh. I'm suprised your fish fit in the streams they're so huge. You might as well invest in a good crane to get em out of the water. I fish with bicycle chain welded to the back of my pickup they're so big.

    Yea, I'm sure your steelhead are so much bigger than mine. I feel so inferior to you. I bet your way smarter then me too. iagree:thumb::clown::confused::clown:
  15. 'Clown, get a life...your last post just told everyone you're a hack...instead of debate, you turn to lame sarcasm. Quit trying to run with these guys. They're the big dogs, you're kibbles and bits. You're handle sucks. You're living out of a book. Go play video games. Quit wasting everyone's time.
  16. iagree

    Screw New York.

    Read a few more posts and figure out how this all works and then think twice before you start whining.

  17. by the way Bert that is an awesome looking fly.
  18. That's a John Hicks rocking version of a tube style Intruder. He posted the picture in the following thread.
    I just grabbed it because I needed an example of a BIG fly to make my point. Imagine throwing this beasty with dumbell eyes. That's why god invented the perry poke.
  19. Need a glass of milk?
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