Why would I buy an 8 weight for steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by sickclown, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. So this panhandle can just spit on our steelhead and that's ok, but when I point out what a childish hunk of fish slime he is just because he's from where ever he's from you gotta come to his defense or try to put me down. I'm a hacker? These are the big guys? Are you kidding. I've probably caught more steelhead in five years then most have caught in thier lives. And yes, I do use an eight weight. And yes I am afraid to break my 5 on these huge fish. I am hoping that somebody on this site reads, and has read Scheck's book in question. And anybody who doubts how big the steelhead are can call the oak orchard fly shop and ask them. You can take your wild imaginary steelhead and flush them down the toilet for all I care. You cry baby satans. Your wild steelhead are just Satan's poop in the river. How could anybody learn anything in a world where people like "Duh, my fish is better than yours, Duh" exist.
  2. Rarely has a user name been so aptly matched to it's user.
  3. Awwww, how cute, he even matched his avatar to his little rant.
  4. Hey I thought april fools day was like on tuesday or something! Come on, come on say it "APRIL FOOLS" right . right. say it! SAY IT!~ PLEEAASEE SAY IT>>>>>?????>>>>>>

  5. Well, not to be rough on you, but wild Clearwater fish are the largest strain of steelhead in the continental US, and are a special breed apart. Equivalentlly the water they live in regularly require casts of 100' to effectively fish and cover the holding water (with a swing). I think Panhandle was a bit tongue in cheek with the 5wt comment, mostly cause of the fishing conditions he regularlly sees.

    Aside from that, I have little doubt that you yoke on those midwest steelies. From what I've heard from some of my friends, the action can be pretty ridiculous, especially with nymphs and eggs.

    The reality is, though, that fishing for winter fish here will simply not work well with a 5wt for several reasons. But by all means, if you feel you can effectively get flies to the fish and fight them without killing them with that kind of rod, then go right ahead. The biggest difference here is that during the winter our water temps are in the 40's a lot of the time whereas the midwest streams can hover in the mid 35's...
  6. Yikes!

    Dude, I'm definitely not one of the "Big Guys." In your statements prior to my response you made it sound as if the steelhead over there are as easy to catch as westslope cutthroats-- you do know what those are right? Your statements sure didn't have the tone of admiration for the steelhead you pursue over there, as opposed to the great respect we have for our fish over here. That and the fact that you don't know about the Clearwater speak volumes.

    In a more civil and concise response, Mello nailed it. Night.
  7. He's probably just ticked that the Sabres just got elimated from the playoffs. Not bad for a team that finished first in the regular season last year.
  8. Well, it seems more like the clown from that Stephen King Novel..."It"
  9. Update me please. I havent looked at any other pages on this thread but the first. Has this turned into another pissing match on wff?
  10. Mr. Clown is seems pretty jealous of how awesome washington is. I guess the east cost just can't take a little criticism.

    Well, looks like its about time to go re-weld that bike chain to the back of my huge pick up :rofl:
  11. This has turned into a pissing match in which sickclown has called our steelhead "satan's poop in our rivers" and has told Panhandle to "cry baby satans". Whatever the hell that means. If you ask me, this dude needs to lay off the sherm pipe and get back to reality.
  12. For the record Im still waiting for the "APRIL FOOLS" anytime , anyone?? Sickclown come on man. First you say "Ive caught more steelhead in five years than most have caught in there lives" Sure its cool to catch fish, but theres so much more to steelheading than the numbers. I hope some day you learn to appreciate and clue in to the what Im talking about, I wont waste my time on trying to explain to you what these things are. Then you say just call so and so at this place and ask him how big the fish are. Then call west coast steelhead " satans poop in the river". I think you need to do some more reading and find out the history of your big great lakes steelhead and find out where they came from my friend. And finally "how could anyone learn anything in a world where people like" duh my fish is better than yours, Duh" exist. I think you hit it right on the head there clown. Take a good look at what youve said in that post and Id say your describing yourself to a T! Id suggest reading Bob Arnolds Steelhead Water. This book could Perhaps (though I have my doubts) teach you something about steelheading. Kevin
  13. lol that avatar is actually making me laugh...but still, this sounds like a junior high school fight. What if i saw satan taking a dump on the ho river, non the less they were steelhead dumps, thats a fishing story, are they hatchery or wild tho?
  14. Sickclown,

    I hate to break it too you because you sound like you worship at the alter of Art Scheck, but Scheck is not a rod builder he wrote the book because someone he knows in the publishing business asked him to. He isn't much of a fly tyer either.

    If you want to get a good book, written by a real rod builder, get Tom Kirkman's book on rod building. If you want to get a good book on fly tying, get one of Dick Taleur's books.

    And if you really want to learn something about PNW steelhead, get a copy of my good friend Bob Arnold's STEELHEAD WATER.

    In the meantime, go catch a mess of steelhead with your 5 wt. and don't tell us about how many you caught.


    I wonder if Sharp Steelie has moved or been reincarnated?
  15. This is where the new sharp steelie thread started from......I forget about him totally until the name pops up every year on a thread or two for some reason :confused: :) :beer2:
  16. FT, how in the world do you know why Art Scheck wrote a rod building book. Do you know him somehow? Are you in some kind of book writers/ editors inner circle. Whatever you say I believe though. Cause you fish for Washington steelhead I'm sure you know alot more about fishing then everybody else in the world. I trust Art Scheck because his knots work. The guys at the fly shops tell us to use improved clinch knots with surgeons on the fluorocarbon tippet. It does not do well. I've personally done tests with knots and the bimini tippet wins all the tests with no other knots even close to it. So I trust him for tippet. Instead of going to the library I saw his fly tying book at some store and bought it. Seems like alot of it makes sense. Other then that I don't give a crud about him. And I still don't think your steelhead, or rainbows, or salmon are bigger then ours. Just this weekend there were some huge fish being caught, I'm gonna have to look at the curent records I think mine are at the NYDEC website. Where are yours? - I think this is for steelhead - Rainbow Trout 31 lb. 3 oz. Robert Wilson - Lake Ontario, Niagara Co. 8/14/04 .
  17. Please, just let this thread die. It's an old, tired dog. There is a whole bunch of other threads to choose from, you're the only one who gives a shit about this one...cease and desist, please.
  18. go away clown.
  19. it's actually kindof entertaining...
  20. Errr... I build rods, and frankly the Scheck book is a great beginners guide, but it lacks any real substance. As for the bimini and such, sure doubles work great, but they are sure as heck a lot harder to tie on the stream, and in general, I wouldn't understand why you would want to use them for trout.

    As for the large steelhead debate, who cares? I mentioned that the largest strain of wild steelhead in the US comes from the Clearwater. If you don't believe me, then talk to all the bios that know the fish really well. If you still don't believe me, then that's fine. If you enjoy catching Skamania transplates with a 5wt, the have at it... :)
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