Why would I buy an 8 weight for steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by sickclown, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. sickclown

    sickclown Banned or Parked

    And it looks like I've struck a cord mr sr. member jason b. What are you a fly shop employee. Are you the cool guy that pretends to be the trout bumb while you sell your soul slinging $800 rods to rich preppies looking for something to waste thier money on? Or are you the guy that worships him. "I wish I could sell fly rods all day and not fish all day like you." Actually I love my fly shop guys. They taught me how to cast. How do you not love the person who teaches you that.
  2. sickclown

    sickclown Banned or Parked

    And FT's right, If you don't know how to hold a rod when you've got one hooked, like FT, you will have a hard time landing big fish. Even with my stupid spey rod I've been using some of Art (the God) Schenks methods and I have to say he's right on that one too. I used to put the rod up in the air like you morons when I got a strike. With my spey rod the thing was in the air at least 20 feet. You can't pull on something with the rod that high unless it's made of solid steel or something. It does feel like you'r pulling hard. But, keeping it low and switching it from pulling left to right feels so much better. It's like you have full control of the fish as opposed to letting the fish be in control.:beer1:
  3. Steven Green

    Steven Green Hood Canal Pirate

    I have come to believe that your actually crazy. I'm sure someone else on the board can come up with a better diagnosis but I'm going to call you a paranoid schizophrenic for now.
  4. sickclown

    sickclown Banned or Parked

    Here's another funny thing, I've posted the weight of the world record holder in the area's biggest rainbow, which I think is a steelhead(I'm only guessing) and nobody has posted the biggest steelhead in Washington and the site it's located on. I thought your fish were so big. I thought this thread would be filled with all these posts of the place to go to get that information. I guess I was right. I guess the Washington Giant Steelhead is a myth. Or maybe nobody cares anymore. I am literaly crying while I'm typing. All you babies can do is swear at me, post pictures of kittens and Afro American's at me, don't you realize how that makes me feel. I'm not just crying for Washington steelhead, I am crying for society. When will we learn to not blindly follow the heard. That's impossible, that can't happen, what I know is right I don't have to test any of my theories. If the "salesman" at the fly shop tells me to buy something, I will buy it. I have bought it. Oh no, now I'm turning into one of the bandwagon morons. From now on I will only recite the party line. That's it for me people. No more fishing without a valid flotation device. I'll only wear the socks bought from the fly shop. I'll only wear those super expensive waste of money polarized sunglasses. I'll only buy all my fly tying materials there. Actually I'll just stop tying flies alltogether. I'll only buy thier flies. I won't get into rod building as my next project. I'll just buy thiers. I'll only wear thier most expensive fly fishing stuff. I'll wait outside the shop for it to open. I'll drink my morning coffee inside. I'll pretend I'm one of them. I'll only go fishing with a guide too. Why should I think for myself. I'll never have to tie a knot again or even touch a fish. ___________________Why bother even breathing__________________.
  5. Steven Green

    Steven Green Hood Canal Pirate

  6. Bruce Davidson

    Bruce Davidson formerly hatman

    This has been hysterical (in an unimportant sort of way). I'm thinking this might be Triumph The Insult Comic Dog.
    I'm going fishing tomorrow, finally.
  7. Nick Riggs

    Nick Riggs I've been known to fish from time to time...

    Sickclown, I love the fact you can't even hardly spell.
  8. Jason Wood

    Jason Wood Guest

    Wow, sickclown, you're such a badass independently thinking disestablishmentarianist, I sure wish I could fight the system...:eek:
  9. Ethan G.

    Ethan G. I do science.. on fish..

    Time for an ecology lesson! Where do rainbow trout come from, class?

    The Pacific coast. Not native anywhere east of the Rockies, in fact. Unless you wanted to go all the way east to the other side of the Pacific and reach Russia, where they are also native. Therefore, our fish are best, and the West coast kicks the East coast's ass.


    And, for the record, those pictures of the kitten and whatnot are hi-larious.
  10. sportsman

    sportsman Active Member

    Sickclown...Where have you been??

    I read the first few replies to your 8wt. query the day you posted and today was shocked to see the amount of views and replies. The inevitable degeneration/degradation was not a surprise. I seemed to remember some words of wisdom from you a few years ago. 5 replys all posted on 10-25-2005, nothing prior and not a peep till now. Drumroll please: 1.Hey Don't pay a dollar to learn to spey cast. Look for videos online. . Just search any engine for "spey cast" and you will find the ones from speycaster.net. They helped me learn quick. 2.Nymphing is the only way to catch the steelhead I'm fishing for; I got a spey rod now so it doesn't matter. I even drift real egg sacks. I also cover all my flies with trout attractor. Take that fly fisherman. 3. I got the cabellas two hand recently for 99 bucks. It's the only spey I've ever used but it feels like a 600 dollar rod compared to the 35 dollar fleuger I was using. 4. fit and wha cha walkin on. Mine suck in mud but are great on rock. They were cheap at Dick's. 5. Re: Six year old grandson wants to flyfish: Just roll casts with a little line you have my guarantee that the boy will be fine. So Sickclown, welcome back to the site and look forward to more of your thoughtfullness to our members. BTW, what WAS the name of the institution you just got released from??!!
  11. Steven Green

    Steven Green Hood Canal Pirate

    Sickclown...Where have you been??

    He's an allstar for sure. Now he's famous too.
  12. Steven Green

    Steven Green Hood Canal Pirate

    That's what happens when you let angsty 13 year olds on the internet :rofl:
  13. Panhandle

    Panhandle Active Member

    Please don't stop posting Sickclown!

    This shit is more entertaining than fishing for trout. :D
  14. montnative

    montnative born and raised in the Beartooths

    Biz Markie isn't a gansta rapper! DUH:beathead:
  15. James Mello

    James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

    More! More! Never (short of some adult web sites) have I seen someone who craves humilation more than you! :)
  16. Jmills81

    Jmills81 The Dude Abides

    Oh sickclown youuuuu. you gots what i neeeee eeeed , and you say your just a friend, you say your justa friend...




    I am sure those were Biz Markie's original lyrics, or err, maybe not
  17. Kevin Giusti

    Kevin Giusti New Member

    Well as if it hasnt been already I have to add this to go along with Chads GREAT cat pic.......

    ITS ON!!!
  18. Zen Piscator

    Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

    Goddamn flat lander comin' in and polluting our internets.

    Clown this is you?
  19. Steelie Mike

    Steelie Mike Active Member

    I fish the West for adfluvial trout with a five weight. What is wrong with East Coast guys doing it too?
  20. Tyler Sadowski

    Tyler Sadowski Active Member

    Dam Zen that picture is ridiculous. :rofl: The belt buckle seals the deal. Now if only I knew as much as Ass clown. :rofl: I think I might go out and get a Sage 1wt rightnow and go hit the OP. :beathead: :thumb:
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