why would you poke

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  1. I see guys doing this as a cast alot these days after it's "Hype" on a dvd- { perry poke cast}
    Why? Why would you make a complete extra move for nothing ? Why not set up the cast correctly the first time ? More energy you say ? Bull, not needed if you do it right on a snap t . I watched it done in Skag master 2 on casts that were 40-50 ' or so, why would you waste the movement and time ? - Especially when you are only casting 60 feet most of the time- The only time I could ever see useing it is when you screw up the first set up, and that will be rare if you learn to cast- You loose alot of "fly in the water" time if you do this all day, and energy -But by all means , poke on bothers, but why? ...:beathead:
  2. No sure what you're referring to. Are talking about poking the rod tip after the line lands as a mending move. On that note, people who constantly mend gets me. Mending seems to be a compulsive epidemic in our sport.
  3. The perry poke cast Pan-
  5. I poke the line only if the backcast is tight, or the last time I did the poke it cost me a monthly child support payment. It is just another move that I am to lazy to deal with.
  6. For me, there is usually either wind, steep close bank behind me, or tree limbs hanging out over where I'm wading.
    And quite often, all three of those fucking things at once. And sometimes I do it just to practice. And I remember another time where I did it just to see if I could get someone to question me doing on an internet forum. :)
  7. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I kinda figured you'd come with something like this stew !:thumb:

    That's funny, i don't care who ya are ... :)

    For the record, I set my anchor out in front of me to avoid all the stuff that u are poking over, different strokes
    for different folks I spose, but one less movement, and less wasted time/energy on my deal- To each there own, I just rarely see a reason for it, and definately don't see why so many think it's a "go to cast" -
  8. I learned to poke because it was an easy waterborn cast I could learn on the little pond I practice in. I like the cast, and aim to perfect it because I find it effective and easy but the initial anchor placement is pretty tricky when I try to fish it exclusively, especially in fast water. Ed Ward truly makes it look easy. I find myself sometime poking several times in a row when I blow a cast, which on faster, deeper, unfamiliar water, I do more than I would like. It is a pretty handy cast to have dialed when backed up to brush with tips and junk-

    The snap T freaks me out with tips and more so with dumbell eyed flys when comming from the dangle.- I feel much more secure with my double spey- The snap T is pretty easy for me but I think I get a slightly better load and more power by poking- especially when casting in slack water and need distance- but I usually default into double spey mode.

    I like that one poke the Eumer tube guy does river right downstream wind where he drops his anchor on his downstream rod tip area, pokes in front of him- then casts.- that may be my go too instead of the double spey- I think its quicker-

    When I make it up to Lewiston maybe you can school me on my single spey- thats the one I'm focused on now.
  9. Well I poke when I need to take a second or so during the cast. Like when I mess up on my anchor or think I mess up on it. Some times I can cast better with the poke. I think it gives me a time to slow down and let the rod work for me. Thats why I poke. Oh ya and its FUN!!!!! Either kind. LOL
  10. The poke just lines everything up.... so you are coming straight back and not "around the corner". For shorter lines I use it all the time with casting river right... Helps me from pulling my anchor when casting off my right shoulder.
  11. I use the perry poke about 85% of the time when fishing big flies either river right or left. It just lines up everything all nice and concise then launches that giant mass of whatever I've created for scaring fish along with the t-14 it's attached to.
  12. I use the poke for times when I want to be stealthy. I can poke and fire off a cast with minimal or zero "tear" whereas a snap t can cause quite a surface disturbance that I think can put fish down in low clear water and where short casts are being utilized. I also tend to poke when I'm at the top of the run where I might be standing in slack water. I find I have the same amount of power even with heavy tips and large flies with snap t, doubles and Perry poke. So I use them all when I find it appropriate. But I'm not a very impressive caster.
  13. It's a great high bank/tight quarter cast because your D loop ultimately forms forward of your position.
  14. That's it for me!
  15. When I screw everything else up, the poke or dump allows me to reset mid cast instead of starting all over again. For me right now it is a saving move, not one of a particular reason of other benefits. Eventually I'll get better and I'll find real reasons to use it or won't use it becasue I don't screw up as often.

    Conversely, I'll likely have to make it a primary move because I'm likely not going to stop screwing up any time soon.
  16. By my lights, the Perry Poke is not a separate spey cast; it's a corrective movement that one may make within a spey cast, if needed.

    The standard spey casts are named and differentiated by how one moves the fly from the dangle to the (initial) anchor placement. The D-loop backcast and forward stroke are essentially the same in all spey casts. In the middle, there is sometimes a need to adjust.

    For me, the single spey cast continues to be above my pay grade. I can rarely execute one. The single spey is a splash-and-go cast with an abrupt angle change that I just can't handle. The Perry Poke converts the single spey into a water-anchor spey cast that is easy to do. It lines up the anchored fly and slack line while I rebalance myself for an easy, powerful D-loop.

    Do you ever wonder why a baseball pitcher coils up like a startled lobster while kicking one leg high, like a Rockette? Because it works for him.
  17. I poke because I can...and it helps my setup when my drop wasn't what I'd expected.
  18. tree's....tree's and bank...

    sometimes it's the only way you can get a cast out when your in the bush...

    if you'd get off those huge bars on your big river you'd find out sucker!!!!
  19. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    u need to come fish we me Golf, U can show me da poke with a 95' head on a 16' rod:rofl:
  20. What were you doing watching SM2? Are you trying to convince yourself that skagit technique is as noble a pursuit as short, mid, and long bellies? I thought your mind was made up on this. Let's start a worm weight thread.:clown:

    Poke if want to. Poke if you need to. If you're so badass that a setup never gets blown, or you're too efficient to have a poke enter your toolbox, then fish on bro, fish on.

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