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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Leroy Laviolet, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    Why'd you go and bring all that up Brady? Has nothing to do with the thread-
    Point is, to be more clear, this cast seams to me not to be a cast at all, but a fix to a cast- Guys are now using it as a cast, not even trying to set an anchor in the right place I would guess- So, if you set the anchor correctly, why would you poke it? If you don't set the anchor correctly, why not put some learning into that, so you may be able to skip a whole step. That's what I was getting at- And I'm curious as to what use it may have that Iv'e missed- Can't have to many tricks in the bag-
    I only watched the skag trailer so there !! Probably you have an autographed copy :rofl:
  2. Yeah I hear what your saying L.L. I know of guys who use it exclusively, which I don't really get but hey if it works for them???
    Like I said, the only time i've used it is up right in the tree's or bush and you can't get any anchor set...but you can lift it, poke and very quickly punch it out with the D loop literally still in front of you so you don't tangle...it ain't pretty but it's fishable..
    Only other time i've used or tried it is in very fast current, you can snap it up and poke to set your anchor on the correct path you want to cast...very rarely do I use it for that though...

    With a long line like your using I would probably only be using a single spey anyway but can see if you blew your lift how it might help reset it instead of casting back down river?
  3. I'm self taught, never had a lesson. I was doing the Perry Poke before it even had a name (that I knew of at the time). I learned it by trial and error. I was also doing the single spey, double spey, and snap t before I knew they had a name or even saw someone else do it. Started fishing the long rods before there were internet forums dedicated solely to that endeavour. Maybe that's why I do the PP.

    Also, it doesn't take much time or energy if that's just what you're used to doing.

    Question for another thread. Why does everyone cast these Skagit lines. Is it because they never learned how to cast a mid/long head?;) No need for anyone to answer that one.
  4. My fault. I'll keep things on track next time:ray1:

    No, I don't own it either. I've only watched the Sage ads:rofl:

    But you're right. I understand if your fishing time is extremely limited and you prefer to make the most of your fishing time by using it to recover, rather than spend the time practicing casts. But if you're a pro, a-hem:confused:a-hem, I would think you would not need to to recover very often.
  5. Different strokes please different folks, I'm trying to learn how to pp with my tenkara rod just to be different!!
  6. +1 for tight qtrs casting.
  7. Other situations....

    - Greater than 90 angle change on your cast facing an upstream wind. Please don't put it in your eye.
    - Huge flies that require 100% perfect setup for casting as well as a straight pull to set up (yes there are situations where this is true).
    - Super fast water where you don't want it to go too far upstream so it sinks deeply with dense tips and the poke buys you time and brings the tip to the surface
    - Change of pace. Skagit casts get boring.
  8. Ya, it sounds like dumping line on the D loop formation because you can't sweep and go properly.
  9. It's just another arrow in your quiver. If it is really important to only use the most efficient cast then single spey! Unlike you, some of us sometimes screw up and it is a great recovery move.
  10. Some good stuff here, and as usual, some of you responded as though you never read the original post, but hey, we've seen this befor:ray1:
  11. Isnt the Perry poke the same thing as the contrived loop and isnt it verboten in some spey casting competitions? I like the cast but to be honest, and you'll love this Leroy, I learned to do it because Ed Ward is so high on it. Why would I poke? To get better at it. Same reaone Ive done nothing but single spey (or try to single spey) this month.
  12. There are local high banks where I likely single 4:1 over the poke during winter, reserving it for high angle changes out of especially sticky water. There is a line that marks the occasion that the poke will outperform the single.
  13. It's all good Wade !:rofl::thumb:
  14. I too don't get the Perry Poke as a cast...but as a recovery move it works well and no need to practice it, as it's pretty brainless; as mentioned before some have come acrossed it by accident. For change of direction there are a lot of better suited true casts or sets of casts. For tight high banks or heavy brush, fish at a steepr angle with the single spey or short line a roll cast, set your anchor farther out...Like Dec said, it's time to get creative and make stuff up...just get it out there. Wow, did I just talk myself into a reason to Poke? Okay, poke it if you have too...but only if you have too!
  15. I use the poke a bit. My fav cast is a single spey poke. I use it a lot when I fish. Both for stealth and for casting very large flies.
  16. This will be the second time iv'e heard stealth mentioned . for me, I can't see how twice the needed surface comotion on a second move is anything but not stealthy ... Like I said, I'm not a user, so A little clarification anyone, porfavor !:)
  17. For close quarters combat on a low clear flow like the nf stilly for example, the poke is a quieter stealthier approach to presenting sink tips with skagit lines. For me anyways. I don't really understand your questions Holmes? Your river has giant gravel bars, you fish long heads and long rods. Why would YOU poke? That's the good question. Around here it gets the job done in situations where other casts fail. Come west and ill show you why skagit compacts and silly Perry pokes are household names.
  18. Sean, that makes some sense- Might just take ya up on that one day!

    To those who are certain there are no trees , willows, high banks , or back cast obstructions to deal with in the "Far east" , maybe ya aughtta fish it and see about that for sure :thumb:...
    Yup, noth'n but wide open gravel bars out here ...:rofl:
  19. another reason to poke- extreme gusty winds.
  20. If you are single speying down a run and find a section of water where you need to first roll cast your tip & fly to the surface, you might as well poke.

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