Why wouldn't I want a Loop Classic? (if the price was right)

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by ignatius, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. I've no experience with this heaver iron I see on the forum .. I'm outfitting a '15 9-10 wt and want a suitable reel. I am drawn to the classic reels I see but wonder about how you work those with no drag which brings me to the loop classic, seems like the best of both? What am I missing?
  2. If the price is right, I'd jump on it. I have a few and think they're great reels. I can find no fault with them.
  3. If you want a classic with a drag, you can get a speyco which IMHO is a better reel for half the price..

    I've owned a loop classic.....if you can get one for less then a speyco then go for it...
  4. No reason. I have two. Great reels and sound good. Go for it! Which size and how much?
  5. No reason not to get what you want. That is a pretty big stick, will the loop classic balance it? Will the loop classic make you happy? Will it land the fish you hook? Will you like how it looks? Will you like how it sounds? If so, go, go, go!

    I have never found one at a price that I thought I could really afford at the time it was available.
  6. I have a 14' 9-10 rod (I'm used to trout stuff when I put it together it just keeps going and going maybe that's why I said 15') I checked and need a 15 oz reel to balance it out right so I think that's a 11-13 classic; gently used in the low $400s is my limit.

    The spey co reels look really great and for a hand made reel the price is right. But how does the drag work on these?
  7. That retails for just under a grand, so i'd say jump fast.
  8. You may be thinking of a loop traditional. Which is the original large arbor reel on rollers. A classic is a high tech reel hiding in a cascapadea like body. Very expensive.
  9. I've never been impressed with the capacity of the classics. They look awesome. The drag is great. So if it holds what you need it to hold, and you can get what you consider to be a good deal, why not. Looks. Performance. That's a good set of features right there.
  10. I'm pretty sure it was classic..not sure of how hi tech..very tinny sounding..capacity wasn't the greatest..A shop owner sold me it new for a decent price..never knew they were going for what they seem to now? This was about 4 years ago so maybe they upgraded something...
    That said, for the price they seem to be asking now..it's no contest between it and a saracione...the sara will flat out whip that tin bucket...
  11. Is that right, Golf? Your not speeking of the classic. It is anything but a "Tin bucket." Very sturdy reel and sounds beautiful. I will agree with the capacity issues. I've put many a steelhead on this thing without a fault.
  12. I never realized they were that much money..at that price you could get a saracione...and honestly I've had both and there is no comparison!!! That said...if it was around 4-5 bills then I'd say hell yes..but it blew me away to see what the retail is on them now...

    I say this as the sara is damn near bullet proof, the drag is incredible on or off and you could use in the salt if you had to and not harm it...

    I found with the loop I didn't like the sound or pick up that much...and it just felt kind of cheesy to me...it was one of my bigger disappointments in reels .. I was so psyched to get that reel and not so when I had it...

    these are just my observations though and my tastes...I would not say there is anything wrong performance wise..other then the line capacity thing which kind of reminded me of the cascapadia...drag was fine etc.
  13. O
    Golfy.. what you just said is snoody... there one on spey page right now 11/13 loop classic for $495, I was first in line, I skip it because I am looking for the size 8/10.. you should get it, it like the saracione in all the way, better looking imho..just a preference.. go for it jump in the water
  14. Ignatius,

    Regarding clickers and stopping big fish and slowing the spool in big water with big rod:

    You use the pad of your finger to do that. Its the best, most responsive drag on the market.

    The salmon caught on classic reels 100 years ago are no different than the salmon caught today. Somehow, they muddled through

  15. Jimmy, again you don't know what your talking about

    read my posts I had one..YOU though should get it because we KNOW it's all about looks and nothing to do with substance for you!!!!

    More bling for collection!!!
  16. Golf, your sure you had a classic, the one in my pic. I'm a classic reel guy too and its a very fine reel. Would I take it over a seracione, which are priced about the same? No. Would I take either one of them over my soon to be Olson? No. Its all relative and relatively speeking, the Classic is a very nice reel, very nice.
  17. A loop classic is a nice reel ,But it ain't even in the same league as a saracione!!!
  18. You don't know me too well golf.. fishing is my escapes, sorry I don't do substance...I am staying clean.. no influence please..keep it to yourself.. beside what's wrong looking good doing it?
  19. I had a Saracione and a Loop classic, had to sell one. Sold the Saracione , and I would not change that descision , I love the classic...
    It's all relative to the owner as to which one is "Better" , everyone's definition of better is different, not sure why we even bother to get into it here-
    The better one is up to the individual-
    Buy da loop-
  20. Well said..

    Ignatius, welcome to this one big happy family...just buy whatever made you feel right..

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