WI Driftless area

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by vmthtr in green bay, May 24, 2012.

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    I fished the WI Driftless area. Southwest bottom corner of the state. Ended the day with 38 trout on my fly rod. Had one area that looking down from a 15 foot vantage could see 100 fish in a run. Here are a few pics.
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    I've had customers tell me about The Driftless; I've had friends move there and come came back raving about The Driftless; and I've had fellow Orvis fishing managers tell me fabulous tales of The Driftless. So much so that I've had to add it to my bucket list. You're a lucky man, thanks for posting.

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    Great post!
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    How appropriate now that I am moving to MN. Thanks for sharing

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    I've always been interested in this are because it reminds me of growing up on small streams in PA. Couple of questions: 1. Were most of your fish browns? 2. What is the rattlesnake situation in this area; I've heard both sides???
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    Never saw a snake. First stream was all Browns, second was all Brookies. Depends on what you want. Browns are bigger. I caught more browns that day.

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    Looks like all the hard work being done by TU and other groups are helping...also looks like a nice off the beat n' path area. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'm heading to WI in a few weeks and I'm hoping to hit some small creeks and rivers, not in the driftless area but somewhat north. Do you have any tips on flies to use? I imagine terrestrials would be inportant, as well as mayflies.