wide, single pontoon boats

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by BDD, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. I have seen a few very wide (frame width of 36-40 inches) on some custom frames recently and I'm wondering what the advantage of that is over the more common production frames from Bad Cat, Skookum etc. I imagine that a wider boat is a more stable boat but what about manuverability? Anything else one should consider while comparing wide vs normal single or small double pontoon boats?
  2. Actually, not much of a negative with the wider boats. I was about to order a rowers frame for a 12' Steelheader for my 10' guide tubes I have, but my rowers frame for my whitewater catarafts fit perfectly on the tubes. It's much wider (about 40"). What it does for you is allow a little longer oars (without so much extra oar sitting out), more room to stand up and fish (I think most of the standing platforms are just too small for the 10' and down boats). I've not had one problem with maneuvering. Yes, much more stable as well. Not much else I can think of.
  3. Camp Chef Prostaffer!! Right on Jerry! How did you manage that hook up?
  4. I do tons of outdoor cooking, including a few major fishing events for a steelhead fishing board. So was hooked up with Camp Chef that way. Getting my new set of cooking toys in the upcoming weeks. :)
  5. Thanks Jerry for your response. I knew you would have some good advice. So if a wider frame is more stable and yet not less manuverable, then why don't factory boats come wider? Is it an expense thing for them?
  6. It's actually a formula they use. I don't have it off the top of my head, but width of tube vs length of tube gives a dimension the frame should be (not just fishing, but for every situation). That's a basic example. So for most of the smaller boats, they want a frame that's narrower. I like a little wider stance personally, so I always had my frames built wider. But not that much different in expense when it comes to frames. Unless you're adding extra frames (like a cargo module, etc) you're not really adding that much more expense making each crossmember an extra 6-8".

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