Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Connor H, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Connor H

    Connor H Bobbers n Beadz

    Okay, I was fishin' for coho last weekend in Gig harbor and was doin' pretty good.
    I started to throw my new pink snot dart pattern I had tied the night before to good aveil.
    After catching 5-6 fish I got another hit, and It was a much smaller fish than the coho... I swung it up and OMG!!! It looked like a freakin' tarpon! I swear I was in shock... It was a nasty smelling fish and it stunk me up for about an hour. Any guess on what it could have been? I will post up a pick in a little bit... :thumb:
  2. Jim Speaker

    Jim Speaker Active Member

    Hm, wonder if a juvenile hake looks similar...
  3. Roger Stephens

    Roger Stephens Active Member

    It was probably a herring if it was quite a bit smaller than this winter's resident coho. Herring have a very bad smell when handled and it is hard to get the smell off your hands.

  4. Jim Speaker

    Jim Speaker Active Member

    Oh man good call Roger, they have the larger scales and the wide mouth too... I was trying for the life of me to come up with something with a tarpon look to it.
  5. SpeySpaz

    SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

    the piscatoreus analis also known as the Commencement Bay assfish,,,unusual it would be so far from its usual grounds. must be global warming

    :rofl:sorry man, had to do it.
    post a pic, let us see this stanky thing huh?
  6. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Damned, that was good. :rofl:
  7. DimeBrite

    DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

    Herring a weird fish in the Sound?? No herring = no salmon. Next time you spot a school toss a bigger baitfish pattern and maybe a blackmouth will hit.
  8. Jim Speaker

    Jim Speaker Active Member

    What size is this fly you were throwing Connor? Never heard of hooking up a herring before on a fly... but what do I know. Just curious, what size?
  9. Jim Ficklin

    Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

    1) You owe me a keyboard ('cuz I just spit Coke all over my old one)

    2) I'll propose this as "funniest post of 2009"
  10. SpeySpaz

    SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

    My wife must thing I'm going senile, sitting over the computer and cackling ...just can't hep it man. caint hep mysef
    I'm still curious what this thing looks like, waiting for Connor to post up the pic
  11. William Wallace

    William Wallace Active Member

    That was freaking awesome. I heard those commencement bay brown trout get big. Pretty shitty there was no picture of it. Must have had a fight of a log. Crappy humor but oh what fun.
    I do know back in my mooching days for salmon and catching my own bait I have hooked some large 8-10" herring out there around Pt. Def. and Pt. Evans.
    It would be interesting to see a pic.

  12. Rich Schager

    Rich Schager You should have been here yesterday...

    Several years back, I was trolling a frozen herring off Point-No-Point, and felt a bump. Reeled in a 11" live and active herring... which promptly became my new bait!
  13. Norseman1

    Norseman1 Spey Fishing the Mighty Columbia......


    Did it look like this?????

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  14. SpeySpaz

    SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

    ...ahhh, you must be referring to faecalis enormis, or "glistening turdfish" which is a close relative of the assfish, often found down current of congregations of fishing boats. It is truly inspiring to see them breaching and frolicking in the tide rips!
  15. Jim Speaker

    Jim Speaker Active Member

    Ah yes, and when schooling in the Fall sometimes referred to as Brown Tide.
  16. Connor H

    Connor H Bobbers n Beadz

    That's the one!!! Scared the livin' hell out of me when it opened its mouth!!!
  17. SpeySpaz

    SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing


    Clupea palasii, or Pacific herring.

    don't be afraid, Connor. Herrings are your friends
    they eat plankton and stuff, not fishermen.
    BTW, I'm not that smart. I had to google it to get the genus and species LOL

    now if you want to really see a gape, go catch a sardine!
  18. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    If you thought a herring stunk bad, you need to catch a blackmouth. You can conduct your own stink test. By far one of the stinkiest fish in Puget Sound.
    For a fish that stinks that bad, they sure taste great.
  19. Ryan Nathe

    Ryan Nathe Member

    I caught a herring on a chum baby off a local seattle beach last year. They are smelly.
  20. DimeBrite

    DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

    Blackmouth scent should be made into a manly cologne. The smell of a large blackmouth should not be washed from your hands for at least a couple of days.