wife got me a birthday gift of a waterproof camera.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by sandspanker, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Here is a video of a intruder underwater

  2. That is a pretty good image under water- what kind of camera is it?
  3. kodak easyshare sport 12mp
  4. Cool video. My two questions are: 1) What type of leader material is tied to the intruder? and 2) What do you use to tie in your stinger hook on that intruder fly?

  5. the leader was some thread i had in the car.. the stinger is 30 lb fireline..why may i ask
  6. Well, I did not like how visible the leader material was, but I liked how the stinger material kept the trailer right near the back end of the fly. Some other stingers just hang well below the fly. Nothing really, just wondering. Thank you.
  7. thats cool.. white yarn was what i used for the leader..i looked again and its 50 lb fireline.. hope it helps
  8. Ya, the camera clarity was great!
    I got my wife a camera from her birthday...funny thing though, it was waterproof. ;)
  9. The wife also got me a 8gb HD card but haven't came yet so the video here is a standard 2 gb card. cant wait for this weekend will be on the Klick with my brother and father.. They will be using hotdogs and I will be swinging... Hope I catch a few to rub noses in..
  10. Out of curiosity, tell us the story behind the origins of the name "Sandspanker"
  11. I always have to explain this.... I use to go to the sand dunes on the oregon coast and started using the name sandspanker.. it stuck..... Hardly ever used either on websites...:)
  12. What were you doing at the sand dunes? You don't have to answer if its too personal.
  13. Just ridin the dunes... hard riding most trips... :)

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