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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Nick Clayton, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. So my wife has given me the ok to shop for a saltwater boat, under the condition that I clean up around the property, and liquidate stuff. I have an abundance of stuff, and am generally quite lazy, but I really want that boat so I've been busy busy busy. Already sold my old Maxima that's been a lawn ornament for the past year, and am working on getting my wife's Ranger up for sale as well. Now I just need to work on fishing stuff, and I'm starting with these two things....

    First off, I absolutely hate to do it because I just picked this beauty up and it's so sweet to fish out of, but I need to sell the 8' home made wood pram I purchased off a fellow forum member just a couple weeks ago. It's an awesome, awesome little boat, and I'd truly love to hang on to it, but having my bigger pram makes this one more of a luxury toy than anything and it would add some money to the boat fund, so I need to see it leave.

    It's a gorgeous hand made boat, built on what I'm told is a design by the Port Ludlow Fly Club, which seems to be a very desireable design. It's very solidly built. Has a bad ass pedestal seat that spins for 360 degree fishing access when that big kamloops rainbow takes you for a ride, and has sweet beach wheels on the stern that are spring loaded to pop up out of the way for transporting into those harder to reach places. I'll post a couple pics but you really have to lay eyes on this thing to see its true beauty. I paid 350 for it two weeks ago, and I know that was a screaming deal. I'll pass this along to the first guy who says I'll take it for 350.

    Next up is a Bucks Bags South Fork pontoon.

    My step dad purchased two of these about a dozen years ago or so when we were big into steelhead fishing, and we used them maybe a dozen times in moving waters. Then he stored them away in his garage, where they remained until I claimed one about 4 years ago. I have since used the hell out of this boat, strictly on stillwaters. This thing has been rode hard and put away wet, but it has taken all the abuse I could dish out and hasn't blinked. The frame is not pretty, but it's ultra solid. I'm 6'1 and have fluxated between 250-350 over the years, and this thing has no problem hauling my ass around. The tubes have never had a leak, or been repaired. No tears or any major damage. Just wear from hard use. I don't have the stripping apron, and am missing one of the cargo bags. I have the oars that came with it, and a pump and fins as well. Personally I would take this thing down the Yak tomorrow without thinking twice, but I imagine more than anything it would make someone a fine stillwater platform. Scotty rod holder mounted on frame. I have no idea what this thing is worth... I know it's solid as all hell, just not pretty. Maybe 150 bucks if you come get it, or meet me in the greater Kitsap area where it isn't too inconvenient?

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  2. What does that pram weigh sir, I don't have a pram yet!
  3. I don't really know, Ed. Never asked for a specific figure from the original seller. It is lighter than my 10' boat, which weighs in at right at 120 lbs. What I do know for a fact is that with those sweet beach wheels it was zero issue for me to wheel it down to our favorite local lake, then wheel it right back up again with all my gear in it.
  4. I need to see this thing!
  5. Well you know where to find me. Come on by anytime
  6. You should bring your Southfork over to Moses Lake.
  7. While not necessarily in the market for a pram, I have to say, that thing is pretty sweet!

  8. Dan, it is indeed! It pains me to have to let it go. I feel pretty confident that u could get more out of this boat. However I would feel mighty greedy if I tried so I'm really just hoping to move it along to someone who will love it like it deserves!
  9. A bit of a jaunt for me, Zen. Though if someone from the wet side was to be making a trip over there and could play ferry I'd gladly send it along
  10. Ed needs to buy this boat so it stays close to Teal!
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  11. Yes, and I have a rod to go over to Zen,, so let me know haha
  12. Jeff, don't you need to come over here for a fishing trip? Damsels are starting now.
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  13. Nick, I'll play ferry, I've done it before. That pram, I want it. I will sell a boat if I can and if you still have it I'll buy it.
  14. Ira keeping Mumbles out of the doghouse!!
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  15. Yeah but also robbing Nick of an excuse to shoot the shit with Mumbles over a cool boat before sending mumbles home to sleep next to Fido
  16. Ira buys the boat. Nick and Mumbles throw back a beer with Eric and Rob. No doghouses!
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  17. Nick, if Ira's deal falters I am interested.
    I'd like your thoughts on how it fits a big guy. I'm in the 6'2" mid 200#s range and wonder if an 8' pram is big enough. I'm reluctant to go to a 10 footer because I have a smallish DB & tralier already.

  18. Me also!!
  19. David, I only got to fish this boat twice so my experience in it is limited but I didn't find myself wanting for anything bigger for what I was doing. Not as wide or stable as my heavier 10' boat, but that's too be expected. I had plenty of leg room and could stand up and cast no problem.

    Ill let ya know if Ira has a change of heart
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