Wild Hoh River Steelhead on the Menu

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by TomB, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. I would say that either way they have gotten the message that some poeple don't appreciate the commercialization of these wild fish at this point in the status of their numbers.

    Editorial Note:

    Dinner Plans have been cancelled until RUI gets a clue that our Wild Steelhead do not belong on their menu!
  2. oh ,, and Bob? are the first martini's on you? Or do I gotta pay like usual?
  3. Now there's a possibility... :cool:
  4. I'm in on your idea Bob- wife and I were just talkin about the issue and everything, and the martinis? Well, lets just say you will drink inexpensively.

  5. Just a Menu Rotation

    A follow-up call with Attila Szabo has confirmed that this is just a menu change based on availability. Wild Hoh River Steelhead will likely be on RU's menus next year unless further persuasion is effective between now and then.

    On the brighter side - there are plans in the works for representatives from several Wild Steelhead advocacy groups to have a meeting with reps from RU to discuss this issue and offer further evidence documenting the declining runs on Hoh and the devastating impact supporting the Native's commercial harvest is having.

    Keep up the emails! :beathead:

  6. I would ask that you hold off the celebrations. Nothing has been won. RU is simply moving on to halibut because of availaibility and has made no promise to cease in the future.

    The Wild Steelhead Coalition has met and will pursue a meeting with Mr. Szabo and CEO Stoddard. We will show them the plight of the Hoh River wild steelhead and ask that they join us in protecting these magnificent icons of the Northwest.

    If we fail in persuading them to stop permanently, I will be asking for some dinnertime picketing in full view of our friends from KIRO, KING, KOMO, PI and Times.

  7. $%^& $#%& Count me in for the picket line, but I am still havin a martini, I'll email KOMO, they like that kinda thing anyway. And KING- well, Jean Enerson is one of us. She might take interest.

  8. DINNER-TIME picketing!!!!!!!!! make sure its during my spring break (ie march 12-26) so I can take part.
  9. Leland, Doublespey, Davy... iagree

    Davy:If you bring the Martinis,
    I'll bring the donuts! :cool:
  10. "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

    (taking lessons from mr triggs)
  11. Enlightenment, don't know what it is . . .

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